Donna Zitelli is a Super Fan And Will Be on Bachelor Pad and I Think the Men Will Be Interested!

Donna Has Beautiful Eyes

Donna Zitelli To Appear on Bachelor Pad 3 A Super Fan

When I heard about the fact that there would be super fans this season, I was not sure if that is a good idea. But in thinking about it and learning about the various fans, I think it’s a great idea. There will be few males and females that the other former contestants know nothing about.

Meet Donna Zitelli. She has a sexiness about her and I truly think the men are going to go nuts over her. And, this beauty has brains as she graduated third in her class (I am assuming that is from high school.) Now get ready, she is a Jersey girl, from Hackensack, New Jersey.

She thinks that the other contestants, particularly the men, will underestimate just how smart she is due to her beauty. (Do guys still think that way?) And she is not afraid to play it up to get what she wants.

She has watched these Bachelorette/Bachelor shows and is a true fan. She has her cap set for one of the men this go around. It is none other than Michael Stagliano. This should be most interesting to watch. Michael lost whom he thought was the love of his life, Holly, last year to someone else. He’s hoping to find love this time around. Will the sparks fly between these two? I think they certainly could.