Details About Ashley Hebert and J.P.’s Wedding

Details of Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s wedding are slowly coming out. And the reason is that everyone who was connected with the wedding was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The members of The Bachelor Nation were required to turn over their cell phones during the festivities.

Ashley’s wedding gown was designed by Randi Rham, from New York. Randy designs for many celebrities. Ashley’s dress for the final rose ceremony in Fiji was also designed by Randi. The wedding dress had cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline.

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum Engagement in Fiji – Ashely is wearing a gown designed by

The cost of the wedding dress was $70,000, on ABC, of course. And the cost of the train was $75,000, was removable and had exquisite beadwork.

Blurred Photo of Ashley Hebert in her Wedding Dress Sent by In Touch Magazine to Media Sources

Ashley was so excited to get to her groom that she rushed up steps to reach him, but in the process, her dress got caught on something. J.P. to the rescue!!! And at the reception, her dress was so heavy that Ashley had difficulty dancing. There was also a very special moment when Ashley and J.P.’s moms performed a Celtic knot ceremony in which they tied a knot binding their children’s writs together before saying a prayer.

At the end of reception, they did the traditional Hora dance, with both Ashley and J.P. being lifted up on chairs as everyone danced around them. And, everyone who commented on the wedding, stated that Ashley and J.P. still look so very much in love and happy.