Dancing with the Stars – The Beautiful Show of Emotion and Vulnerability Earned Apolo Ohno and Sabrina Bryan Perfect Scores

Last night was Country Western Night for Dancing with the Stars and the performances were fabulous.

Sabrina Bryan and Louie Van Hamstel Dance a Perfect Rumba

Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel danced a Rumba to the song “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes.  We learned that Sabrina loves country music and she and Louis were determined to show true emotion.  The story line they told was something that actually happened in Sabrina’s life.  She was involved in a destructive relationship but recently has found a wonderful man.  She claims she has never been happier.  She stated, “For me, so much of my life right now feels amazing on a lot of different levels.  So it will be a really touching routine for me, and I can’t wait.”
As she danced her movements were beautiful.  The judges were also very pleased with her performance.  Both she and Louie had tears in their eyes when they finished.
Bruno:  “The figures you did were absolutely stunning.”   He felt she showed emotion all through the dance.   And he felt her solo was magical. 
Carrie Ann:  She ran to Sabrina and gave her a huge hug.  She said, “This is the true you, you were dancing from the heart and it was breathtaking.  I had chills the whole time.”
Len:  He liked the balance between the soft quiet music and her strong movements.  It was fantastic!  He congratulated Louie on his choreography. 
She was rewarded with a perfect score of 30 and her total score 88.5, the highest.

Apolo Ohno and Karina Smirnoff Dance a Perfect Waltz Week 6 Dancing with the Stars

Apolo Ohno and Karina Smirnoff danced a Viennese Waltz to the song “Skin (Sarabeth)” by Rascall Flatts.
He and Karina knew that they needed to step up their game this week.  Last week they were faulted for not having the chemistry between the two that they needed by Carrie Ann.  We learned last night that the two had a fight, which certainly added to their poor performance.  They have worked everything out and expect good results this week. 
We learned that Karina loves country music more than Apolo and when she heard the theme, she knew exactly what she wanted the two of them to do.  She is hoping this will be the breakthrough dance Carrie Ann was talking about last week.
The song is emotional and they decided to dance the song for Breast Cancer Awareness Week.  The dance showed the emotion of the two of them for the friends and family they both have lost to cancer.  And, it was very powerful.  Karina went so far to say,  “I will be shocked if I am not sobbing through the emotional dance.”
Len:  “It was two people in perfect harmony with each other and the music.  I loved it.”
Bruno:  Said that Apolo’s involvement with Karina is, “The best I have ever seen”  He loved the way he led her.
Carrie Ann:  “It was poetry in motion and that was your “breakthrough moment.” They were rewarded with a score of 30 and their total score is 86.5


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