Dancing with the Stars: What Can we Expect in the Coming Weeks?

We are winding down and everyone is asking what can we expect in the next few weeks. Tomorrow night we will see the Fusion dance. Actually, Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson gave us a preview of it last week in their country dance. Len Goodman complimented the couple on combining western dance movements with the Cha Cha Cha. And that’s what it is. It’s a combination of two different dances, both danced to the same music.

Our Three Dancing with the Stars Judges Carrie Ann, Len Goodman, and Bruno

Will there be a trio dance this Season?

Yes, and it should be during week 8. And the dance will be a Latin one.

What about the Instant Dance
We will see this during week 9 or during the finale, or maybe even both.

And what about a Marathon Dance
It will be tomorrow night, 11/05/12 and it will be a Swing dance.

Swing dance became a lively style where the dancer often lifts, spins, and flips their partner. It is a faced paced dance and several styles developed.

Lindy Hop:
This is the most popular and originated in Harlem

East Coast Swing: This is often seen on a club or tavern dance floor and this dance was influenced by the Foxtrot.

West Coast Swing: A slotted dance where the follower travels back and forth along a rectangle or slot.

Jive: A fast paced jitterbug.

An umbrella term generally referring to swing dancing.

Boogie Woogie:
Usually danced to rock music or blues.

Carolina Shag: A dance performed to beach music.

An Example of a Fun Swing Dance

How Many Dances will the Couples be doing Each Week from Now on?
Week 7 – Two dances

Week 8
– Two dances And this week will also celebrate Veteran’s Day.

Week 9 – Right now we are hearing there will be 3 dances and possibly 4 during the finals.Perhaps one dance will be a repeat of one done previously. We have seen that before where the judges are looking for improvement.

Will the Finale be any Different?

The only rumor around right now is that the freestyle will be “super sized”. That probably means it would be longer.,

What about the Argentine Tango?
The only time this has even been mentioned is that it is one of the dances Gilles is going to fuse with the other dance he is doing. So, for some reason, we may not see it, although it is one of my favorites. Let’s not forget the new dances they introduced. Perhaps one of those will be a repeat.

I can’t wait until tomorrow night.