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Peta Murgatroyd Dancing with the Stars All Stars Pro
Despite Gilles Marini injuring his hamstring last week, he placed second.  Deadbolt interviewed them on how they feeling about where they are placing each week.  If you watched last season, you know that Peta Murgatroyd finished first with Donald Driver.  That was her first season as a  pro.  Her choreography is exciting to watch and is far beyond  the basics. When asked how she feels about how  they are doing, she had this to say,”I like coming a little bit in second.  I don’t want  be on top just yet as you become a target and you’ve got nowhere to go but down.  So I believe that growing through the competition is excellent.”
She is finds this competition very competitive and she did not think it would be that way, however she realizes that with the caliber of dancers they have, it is really more competitive than last season.  With regard to working with Giles Marini, she said, “I find that he cannot look bad at anything…He’s just naturally talented…”  She is grateful that Gilles has competed before because he knows what it takes to be there.  When asked who is more competitive her or Maks, she said, “I think we both are competitive.  We both want to take the Mirror Ball this season.  He would love to have it and I would be thrilled if he got it this season.”  About herself, she feels very good with what she has accomplished in her life so far.  She is very proud to be part of one of thye biggest TV  show.  And she stated, “For a dancer, it’s one of te best gigs you can get.  I am really proud.”  She is thinking about the freestyle and has requested a few songs.  She is thinking about themes and not steps.  She really wants to focus on one week at a time.  I have no doubt we will  be seeing her free style with Gills.  It was magnificant last time wtih Donald Driver and it will be great once again.
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