Dancing with the Stars Pamela Anderson Wears a Very Skimpy Outfit to Rehearsal and Turns Many Heads!

Pamela Wearing Skimpy Outfit with Tristan MacManus


 Pamela Anderson is still turning heads with her outfits.  Wait until you see what she wore last week to rehearsals.  Oh My!!!  She has Tristan MacManus  as a partner and he got a good look at her as they arrived together.  Pamela certainly catches your eye even without a skimpy outfit. 

She had on a pant less outfit, a button-down white shirt, sky-high heels, and a lack of bottoms, as far as anyone could tell.  Some think she might have had super short shorts underneath, but we don’t know for certain. 
She stopped to sign an autograph for someone waiting to get a look at the stars on their way to practice.  And she and Tristan were holding hands as they walked into the studio.  She still has it!!!!!
She has promised to work harder on her technique this season, and hopes that will get her further than she went last time.  She should still be very good for ratings.    Can Tristan work his magic?
Photo credit Spash News

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