Dancing with the Stars Kirstie Alley shares How She Feels About Eliminations this Season and That Kiss for Tom Bergeron



Kirstie Alley Congratulates Tom Bergeron for his Emmy with a Kiss! I love his Reaction!



Kirstie Alley shares her thoughts about eliminations this season, how she and Maks are doing, and her outlook on the all-star season and that surprise kiss for Tom Bergeron!!!
Kirstie feels the eliminations will invoke more sadness for everyone, at least for her.  Nobody wants to go home and, “It’s like a bit double sad as we have all been here before and because it’s All-Stars.”
She feels she and Maks are being a bit more creative this season.  “It is a journey, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”   As to what her next dance will be she did not say but she did give a hint about what we might expect.  l’ll be wearing different color hair, so people will look at my hair and not myfeet.”

 Kirstie also talks about kissing Host Tom Bergeron on Dancing with the Stars.  The night before, he had won the Emmy for being the best host for a Reality Show.  When she pulled back, she said, “That’s for your Emmy!”  Later,  Tom posted a instagram photo tweeting, “Winning an Emmy certainly has its perks.  Thanks @Kirstiealley! #dwstsallstars.

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