Dancing with the Stars Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Continue to Light up the Dance Floor

So far, dancing the stars has provided some surprising dances. The Internet is lighting up with searches about Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski, so we are sharing some information here and some lovely candid photos of the two of the them.


Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Arrive at the Dance Studio

Their chemistry is undeniable on and off the dance floor.  The two flirt with one another and provide horseplay which might indicate that there is more between them than friendship.  According to one of Kelly’s friends, she is seeing someone ( notice seeing vs. dating) and they are sure if things do not go well there, there definitely would be more happening between Kelly and Val.  Just look at the way he looks at her here and on the show.  He is adorable with her.

Kelly Monaco Dissolved Into Laughter as Val Whispered Something in her Ear!

Kelly won the very first Dancing with the Stars competition and she expressed that she was nervous this time around.    She has not danced for 7 years.  But under Val’s tutoring, she is doing amazingly well.  Just this past Monday, Len said, after their dance, “Where did that come from?”
Asked if she thought she could win again, she had this to say,  “I have not danced in seven years. It’s going to be intense.”  With regard to being able to win again, she replied. “I just don’t know if you can do it twice.  It’s like being struck by lightning.”

Val Chmerkoski Wraps Kelly in a Huge Bear Hug

However they finish, they are enjoyable to watch and we hope they make the finals!  And be sure to visit Kelley Monaco’s sexy photos!