Dancing with the Stars Contestants Were Challenged to Recreate Iconic Dances and To Show Something Never Seen Before



What an exciting night of dances.  The pros and celebrities did not disappoint.  The idea was for the celebrity star to take control of the dance.  The first thing to do was to choose an iconic routine from the past, then make it your own, and decide on costumes, theme, and any other props, etc you might want.  And knowing that two celebrities will be voted off on Tuesday, the pressure was very heavy on everyone.

Drew Lachey:  He wanted to make the number like a concert.  He is not comfortable in the ballroom, but a concert is where he thrives.  He was looking for cute and he wanted his partner, Anna. to “unleash her sexiness.  He wanted to recreate Joey McIntyre’s Cha-Cha-Cha.  It was nice to see his brother, Nick Lachey in the audience giving support.
Len felt the content and concept were very good and his movements were sharp and clean. 
Bruno, “Your moves were tight and precise, really great Cha-Cha-Cha.
Carrie Ann felt he rose to the occasion and she loved seeing the sexy Anna being brought out.
Score:  24

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd Perfrom an Exquisite Tango

Gilles Marini wanted to do Erin Andrews’ tango from season 10.  And he wanted to fly and then wake up from a dream. As they moved him around the ballroom, it did look like he was really flying as he flew in a harness.    They did a great job on special effects.
Bruno said, “That was strong, dominant, powerful, Fifty Shades of Gilles.”
Len appreciated the creativity and intensity of the performance, but his footwork was off at times. 
Carrie Ann said, “If Peter Pan looked that good when I was young, I would have listened. You are so good at drama.”  The ballroom came to their feet when he and Peta were finished.
Score:  25.5

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani Received 27 for Their Outstanding Samba

Melissa Rycroft:  Melissa really wanted to do something that no one else has ever done.  She and Tony practiced several different things and it looked like they not be able to do it.  But Melissa would not be denied what she wanted.  She decided to do the dance of J.R. Martinez samba.  It truly was a “Wow” dance.  At then end of the dance, the audience was on their feet,  Tony told the judges that, “I had no idea she would push it this far.”
Carrie Ann:  She was full of praise.”  “That was fantastic, I love all of the samba drops and you did the sausage rope.  You technique was stellar.”
Len:  “It was like a can of coke, fizzy, it was refreshing, it was satisfying.  Great technique, it was a knockout.”
Bruno:  “Shake me, take me, anyway you want me.” You did it like a star.”
SereneLdy:  It was truly a “wow” dance.  Melissa has said in an interview that her body does not move the way it used to and she and Tony need to do some thing differently.  I can’t tell that anything is different.  She still has what it takes to perform beautifully.
Score:  27
Apolo Anton Ohno:  He wants to do something memorable and will do Gilles Fox Trot of season 8, saying, “It’s a little much to emulate Gilles without taking off my shirt.”  Karina told Apolo, “You grew up a sexy man.”  Apolo wanted to do something slower to show this side of himself and it paid off. He had statutes and Karina was one that came to life. m  The Olympic skater was sultry and both the audience and judges cheered.
Len:  “It had great fluidity of movement and there was great musicality.”
Bruno:  “It was sensual, it was classic…I thought it was exquisite.”
Carrie Ann: “Tour artistic direction will be remembered.  You were leading Karina, it was all right there.”
Score: 25.6

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Perform a Passionate Paso Doble

Kelly Monaco:  She and Val were fantastic.  Kelly had a week off from “Genera Hospital,” so she was able to have extra hours to practice.  She wanted to  recreate the Paso Doble of Maks from season four,   Val told her, “There’s a new man in town.” And indeed there is.  The angles of Kelly’s body were sharp and precise.  Their intensity was remarkable.
Bruno:  He admitted, “I’m tingling with pleasure.”  This was a defining moment for you.”
Carrie Ann:  “You are the couple to watch, you two have such great chemistry.”
Len:  “Your arms matched the expression in your facial expressions, as it should be.”  “Where did that come from?”
Score:  27
Kirstie Alley:  Kirstie stated that last week was cathartic for her as she lost her fear around dancing.  She wanted to redo Carson Kressley’s Cha-Cha-Cha from season 13 with her partner Maks Chmerkovsjki, and channel Mick Jagger.  She wants Max shirtless with tight pants.  And Maks wore a longer hair wig.  It looked good on him but it was difficult to tell it was actually him. It was very fun to watch.
Carrie Ann:  She called it “The most fun I’ve had all night.”
Len:  He liked her timing, good footwork, the whole package.
Bruno:  He agreed with Len’s comments.
Score:  24, her highest yet.
Sabrina Bryan:  She wanted to recreate Mel  Brown’s Paso Doble from season 5.  She did not want t depend on gimmicks.
Len:  “It was full of risks – but in addition it was full of technique.”
Bruno:  He loved the power in the dance and said that she was truly leading Louie.
Carrie Ann: She agreed that Sabrina had great technique but felt she did not show them anything new.
Score:  25.5

Emmit Smith a Human Torpedo Launched Himself Thru Cheryl Burke’s Legs Performing a Terrific Paso Doble

Emmitt Smith:  He decided on using Mario Loepz’s Paso  Doble from season 2.  He really showed his creative side along with his partner Cheryl Burke.  They had a real donkey on the set, but apparently the donkey was not willing to do what they had intended so they changed things a bit.  At the end, Emmit was going to launch himself on the floor, through Cheryl;s legs.  During practice, it looked like they might have an accident.  But Emmitt timed it perfectly and everyone gasped and then applauded as he completed it.
Bruno:  He enjoyed it, “You were like a ragging bull, so tough, so snarling, a demon.”  He did suggest that he watch his shoulders.
Carrie Ann:  “It waw awesome, you were like a human torpedo.”
Len:  “You have presence and you come out and dominate the floor”,  but that said, he felt there was a little too much attack.
Score:  25.5
Helio Castroneves:  Helio used Apolo’s Quckstep as a guide for his dance.
Carrie Ann:  “You are so good, you are the Quickstep King.
Bruno:  “It’s absolutely brilliant,” but noticed that he lost it somewhat after he stepped on his partner’s dress.
Len:  “This dance deserves to be seen the next week., top-notch.”
Bristol Palin:  She and Mark Ballas had a bit of a spat before starting to work on their dance.  Fortunately, they worked things out.  Bristol to recreate Joanna Krupa’s Paso Doble dance in 2009.  Bruno:  He liked the concept and said it is Bristol’s best dance so far.
Len:  He agreed with Bruno, stating, “The most content of any dance you’ve done.”
Carrie:  “You are proving yourself worthy of being here.”
Score:  22.5
Shawn Johnson:    Last but not least.  She chose Helio’s quickstep in season 5.  Because the judges were really looking for something that would stand out, she opted to put a few tricks into the dance.  They began by both Derek and Shawn on trampolines jumping up and doing a somersault and landing on the dance floor.  At the end, they ran up the steps and fell backwards down into the orchestra pit. It was truly amazing.
The judges all loved it but Len and Carrie Ann said they would have to take off a point due to breaking some of the rules.  He really was like a free style.  If they make the finals, I can only imagine how awesome their freestyle will be.
Bruno:  “One of the best dances, if not THE best dance I’ve seen in 15 seasons.  The incredible, unstoppable best dance.”
Carrie Ann:  She agreed it is the best dance we have ever seen on Dancing with the Stars.
Len:  “You have the ability to put movement to music.”
Score:  26.5
So who is going home?  Based on scores, it should be Bristol Palin and Drew Lechay.  We shall see what happens tonight.


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