Dancing with the Stars All Stars Fox Trots and Cha Cha Cha’s and We were Not Disappointed!


Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower


Dancing with the Stars Judges Carrie Ann, Len, Bruno


Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff

What a fun night last night.  It was great seeing so many familiar faces and all in the same place.  There was a general feeling of  happiness and a reunion.

Some might say that the judges were harder  on giving out points than usual.  But I think they did the right thing.  We were told that they would be harder and it makes sense.  Most of these dancers have won or placed in the top three.  Yes, maybe they have been away from dancing for a year or two,  but we are at a different level of dancing then a regular season.  And, we have to give these celebrities somewhere to go, meaning up in scoring.  Let’s see how everybody did.

 Emmitt Smith: Dance  Cha Cha Cha Score: 24.5  Pro:  Cheryl Burke

 Emmitt Smith won the Mirror Ball Trophy during season 3 with Cheryl Burke,  and tonight he was still at the top of the leader board.  I loved his green outfit and the green shoes only added to his great look.  His movements were easy and light.  It still amazes me how someone his size can dance like this.  It almost seemed effortless at times.
Len:  “It was the best dance of the night.”  He felt this technique was great.
Bruno:  He commented on the charisma he has and how he always appeals to the audience.
Carrie Ann:  “Twinkle toes is back.  You were born to dance.”
SereneLdy: He could certainly win this again if he keeps this momentum up.
Gilles Marini:  Dance:  Fox Trot Score: 24 Pro:  Peta Murgatroid
Gilles came in second when he danced in season 8.  And here he is back at the top.  In describing Peta,  Gilles stated, that he hit the jackpot.  And their chemistry is amazing. 
Bruno:  He loved the dance and said it had “style, panache, and finesse…old-time Hollywood gloss and glamour.”
Carrie Ann:  “That was just so poetic and gorgeous.”  And she told him that she missed him.
 Len:  “You had sophistication about you – I thought you did a terrific job.”
SereneLdy:  He and Peta really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  When Brook asked him about winning the trophy again, he simply stated, he is working on one week and one dance at a time. 
Sabrina Bryan:  Dance:  Cha Cha Cha Score:  22.5  Pro:  Louie Van Amstel
I am so glad Louie is back as part of the dancing pros team.  I will never forget the fabulous job he did with Kelly Osbourne.  She came with no dance experience, lost weight and finished in third.  It was a thrill of a lifetime for her.
Sabrina was in season 5 and had seemed like a front-runner but she was eliminated on the sixth week.
Carrie Ann:  “You were on fiya.  There is nothing like a woman scorned, and you came here with a fire in your bootay.”  She warned her about over dancing as it affects posture and hold.
Len:  Clean and precise but  in the over dancing it lost some of the impact.  He suggested she work on finesse.
Bruno:  He felt she missed a few passes but well done.
SereneLdy:  I have never seen her dance but I felt she did a great job. I loved the energy.
Shawn Johnson Dance:  Fox Trot Score:  22 Pro: Derek Hough
Shawn recently had to retire from gymnastics.  As an Olympian, she won several gold medals  She also won the Mirror Ball Trophy on her last visit to DWTS.    Shawn was hoping to return to her sport and participate in the recent London games.  Unfortunately, she has a knee injury which started acting up again.  She was forced to retire.
But, she was very pleased to be asked to participate in the DWTS All Stars and states that she can still compete in something. She looked very good last night and seemed to be having fun.  Chaz Bono was in the audience and was on his feet. 
When she finished dancing, Tom said, “That’s what a retiree can do.”
Bruno:  “That precious little princess was a floor scorcher.  That was like two dances for the price of one.” He did feel that she needs to be a bit more defined.
Carrie Ann:  “Loved it.  That’s what  the all star  season is all about.”   But in order to improve, she needs to work on her posture and her hold.
Len:  “What you did, you did well.” And he called himself,  “a cup of tea in a world of lattes.  For me, it did not feel like a fox trot.”
SereneLdy:  I enjoyed the dance very much.  I think where Len is coming from, we know that Derek and Mark like to push the routines sometimes.  Some of what they dance may not be “true to the dance” but for me, it adds excitement.  I certainly am not looking at their feet, posture, etc.
Apolo Anton Ohno  Dance:  Cha Cha Cha Score:  22
Apolo won his first Mirror Ball Trophy five years ago. In the Olympics he won 8 medals that year. When Apolo met Karina for the first time, he told her he does not remember anything about dancing.  He also said Karina is hard on him but eventually, he got back into sinc. 
Bruno:  He called Apolo’s arm extensions “absolutely exquisite.”
Len:  He thought his performance was “a bronze-medal performance at best.” He felt it needed  more hip action. 
Carrie Ann: “Is it just me or did you just get 3,000 times more sexy?  Your hip sexy threw me over the table, rolling down the aisle.”
SereneLdy:  I enjoyed the dance very much and loved the colorful costumes. But the flashing items were a bit distracting for me.
Helio Castroneves Dance:  Fox Trot  Score:  21.5 Pro:  Chelsie Hightower
This sexy Brazilian Nascar driver did a nice job last night.  When asked why he was doing this again, he said that he wants his daughter to be a dancer, not a racecar driver.”  He and Chelsie looked very good.  And, I love his smile.
Len:  “It is a routine you should be proud of, despite one or two incidents.”
Bruno:  He called Helio, “such a bright and engaging state presence,” but also pointed out that he did mess up a few times.
Carrie Ann:  She stated that Helio’s charisma and charm are effective.  She would like to see more body contact with his partner.
SereneLdy:  I loved watching  him.  It looked fluid and he really was enjoying himself.
Drew Lachey Dance:  Fox Trot Score:  21.5  Pro:  Anna Trebunskaya
Drew found Anna a hard task master.  And when he does something wrong, she really lets him know.  He always had trouble with his shoulders in the previous season,  and he did much better tonight.
All of the judges enjoyed the dance but each one pointed out something to work on.
Len:  He thought it was a bit too hard and hectic.
Bruno:  Shared that sometimes he has a tendency to stiffen up.
Carrie:  “I want to see firm, not rigid.”
SereneLdy:  I enjoyed the dance but I get what the judges are suggesting.

Kelly Monaco Dance:  Cha Cha Cha  Score:  21.5 Pro:  Val Chmerkovskiy

When Kelly met Val she said, “Val is Awesome.”  I have never seen Kelly dance and she won the trophy for the first season of Dancing with the Stars.  However, the season was only 6 weeks and some of the dances performed today, she has never done.  But, she is ready for the challenge.

The chemistry she has with Val is really something. Val had this to say about their partnership, “Kelly and  I exude sensuality covered with a smoldering-hot sexual tension.”   I’d say that is correct!

One of the cuter moments happened during one of their rehearsals.  Val said, “You’re a very petite lady and you have those big…yeah.”  ( I am certain you know what he is talking about.)

Bruno:  He called Kelly “sexy and hotter than ever.”

Carrie Ann:  “Apolo isn’t the only one who got a whole bunch sexier.  You two have insane chemistry.”

Len: For the most part, he agreed.  “You were not this good in season one.  Something happened to you.  Dare I say it’s chemistry?” 

SereneLdy:  Wow, yes the chemistry is something.  In fact, while waiting for their score, Brook said something about never having seen Val this shy before.  Hmmmmmmmm Interesting!

Melissa Rycroft   Dance:  Fox Trot Score: 21  Pro:  Tony Dovolani

During season 8, Melissa and Tony finished in third place.  They both would like to do better this time. 

They did a cute dance that had a lot of money thrown around.  The song they danced to was “Big Spender.”

Carrie Ann:  You can’t go wrong with a little Sweet Charity.”  Carrie felt she had exquisite lines…but you need to have more body contact.” 

Len:  He liked it but he thought it was a little to theatrical.   But he did agree that she had great lines and extensions. 

Bruno:  Agreed about the great extensions and needing more body contact.

SereneLdy:  I loved their dance and she looked so graceful.  She and Tony make a great team.

Joey Fatone Dance:  Cha Cha Cha  Score:  20.5  Pro:  Kym Johnson

Joey and Kym took the trophy in season 4.  Kym feels she was a bit lax with him, and she has had him wearing the Cuban shoes all of the time now, in order  to get  him more comfortable in them. 

During the routine, Joey showed off some of Michael Jackson’s moves.  The dance ended with Kym dangling at a 45 degree angle to achieve “optimum  fringe suspension.”

Len:  “You are full of enthusiasm, just check out your footwork.”

Bruno:  He enjoyed the “wonderful Jackson touches,” but felt Joey’s posture has to change for a proper Cha Cha Cha.

Carrie Ann:  Carrie called him, “My favorite showman. That’s the way to start an All Stars show.

SereneLdy:  I loved the entrance of Joey jumping over Kym.  They are so cute together.

Bristol Palin:  Dance:  Cha Cha Cha  Score:  19.5  Pro:  Mark Ballas

This young lady really looked great.  She has lost weight, she was more confident, and she was able to be sexier than in her previous season.  It think it was a great call to partner her again with Mark.  They developed a wonderful friendship and she really came to trust him.

Carrie Ann:  “I vote you the most improved.  You are confident and you’re sassy.  A great improvement.”

Len:  He agreed about the improvement.  You were not shy and you were into it.”

Bruno:  “Bristol darling , is it really you.”  Her felt she had great legs and hips.

 Kirstie Alley  Dance:  Fox Trot  Score:  19  Pro:  Maks Chmerkovskiy

Kirstie  stated that she is very happy to be with Maks again as they have developed a great friendship. 

Now we all know that Kirstie is large on top, and it was cute when Maks said, “Your boob is always on me.”

The routine was very nice and Kirstie is always light on her feet.  The dance ended with a nice platonic kiss on the cheek.

Carrie Ann:  “You have the most beautiful movements which translate into moments.

Len:  He liked it but told her to lift up her ribcage and to do some refining. 

Bruno:  He enjoyed it but told her to work on her shoulders, frame, and footwork.

SereneLdy:  I enjoyed it and love watching the two of them together. 

 Pamela Anderson  Dance:  Cha Cha Cha Score:  17  Pro:  Tristan MacMahon

Pamela is in a bit of an underdog role and she was eliminated during the 6th week of her previous season. Tristan was very good about giving encouragement.  She gave it a good effort but it appeared she was off several times. 

Bruno:  “You look like a girl who can go all the way” – but “You have to put work in to go all the way. You have to work harder.”

Carrie Ann:  “You were living the dream, but is was a bit uncomfortable.”

Len:  “You are like a kid on a new bike and wobbly.”

When upstairs, Pamela seemed to groan at her score.

SereneLdy:  She really did not do well and I think she looked better during her first season.  Logically, she should be the one going home.  But I think she is involved with Peta and their votes seemed to keep her around last time.

I truly hope no one else is forced to go home.  It would be tragic.