Dancing with the Stars All Stars Finale Recap – Who is Going to Win?

Who Will win the Mirror Ball Tonight?

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski

Who will win the Mirror Ball Trophy tonight? The scores are close but there were standout moments during the season and last night. This is the first time Dancing with the Stars has been an all female celebrity finale.

Before the finals, Kelly Monaco had a score of 420.5 Adding last night’s scores 479.5 Although Kelly won season one, there was some controversy regarding her win. Many felt that John Hurley, who came in second, should have won. Kelly stated, “I was the not the best dancer and I was called out so it made me feel insecure as to why I won.”

During this season, Kelly’s confidence has grown with the help of her pro, Val Chmerkovski. Her dancing has improved greatly since the first night. But does she deserve the trophy?

Her freestyle featured a Dirty Dancing theme and opened with her doing an aerial dance and Val Playing the Violin. I am not sure what the violin was about but I enjoyed seeing Kelly suspended. They also had Gospel singers and a few extra dancers from the DWTS troupe.

Len:He felt the routine lacked originality, and I agree. He thought the lifts were very good and the opening “spectacular.”

Bruno: As usual, he loved the chemistry and called it the mix of Cirque du Soleil with Dirty Dancing.

Carrie Ann: She commented that they watched them grow as a couple and the dance, “Was a happy ending to a beautiful love story.”

On their other dance they scored 29.5. Unfortunately, Kelly had a slip but did recover well.

I don’t feel her dances were as great as Shawn’s or Melissa’s. She did improve greatly but not enough for the trophy.

Shawn Johnson had a score of 444.5 prior to the finals. Final score 57. Total: 500

For their first dance they redid their Quick Step that was marked down a few points for not following the rules about breaking hold and lifts. As they prepared, Shawn asked Derek if they should modify the dance in order not to disturb the judges and to earn a better score. He said, “Do you want numbers or do you want to entertain.” Shawn decided to entertain.

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough

I personally think that choice was not the best for the final. Now granted a few points more or less may not really make a difference but I felt like they ignored the judges and sort of insulted them. The judges were not happy.

Carrie Ann:
Felt the dance was fantastic, but she said, “It was sad that the pair chose not to follow the rules,” also telling them that points mattered at this point.

Len: “You are not allowed to break hold, which you did, you are not allowed to do lifts, which you did. You leave me nowhere to go.”

He commended them for breaking the boundaries but said, “Our scores are bound by the rules, but it takes nothing away from your dance.”

Inaba acknowledged the routine as being “fantastic,” but said she was sad that the pair chose not to follow the rules, telling them that points mattered at this point.

Goodman agreed, adding: “You’re not allowed to break hold which, you did. You’re not allowed to do lifts, which you did. You leave me nowhere to go.”

commended the pair for having always pushed the boundaries this season, but said “our scores are bound by the rules, but it takes nothing away from your achievement.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani Total before final: 446.5 total 500.5

Melissa and Tony repeated her samba from week 3. She felt she could do it much better, and she did, achieving a perfect 30 for her effort.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani

Carrie Ann: She commented on how nicely her abs look and that her technique was great. She also told her that her solo was fabulous.

Len: He called her the Carnival Queen and said her technique and rhythm were great.

Bruno: He stated she was the, “Brazilian Bombshell” and he loved her confidence.

For the next dance, they talked about various things they could produce and Tony wanted to showcase her softness and her lines. There had only been one contemporary dance, performed by Val and Kelly, earlier in the competition. Tony wanted to do something very different from what he felt the others would be doing. There were numerous lifts, which looked difficult. Both Tony and Melissa knew they were taking a huge risk if they could not pull the lifts off. But perform them perfectly they did.

Melissa was graceful, flowing, and yes her lines were exquisite. Someone else wrote that the dance was really nothing but lifts. Oh but powerful they were. Can you imagine needing to hold those poses like she did, flawlessly?

When Melissa and Tony did their quick step a few weeks ago, Bruno likened them to Ann Miller and Gene Kelly.

As Tony and Melissa danced their free style they truly made music together. As ad added feature to the dance, they had dancers coming down from the ceiling in square-like shapes, spinning around and around. It was very effective and they were in the background which added to the dance and did not distract.,

He thought it was the perfect setting to showcase all of their talents and he said that Melissa was a gem.

Carrie Ann:
She stated that they took humongous risks and that they would receive great rewards. She said it was a ,”Freestyle Jackpot.”

Len: He said it was full of passion and was wonderful. Then he hemmed and hawed a bit and said he was speechless. He did eventually add, as he puts up her “10”, “I wish it was an eleven.”

I will be happy if Shawn or Melissa win, but my preference is Melissa as she has really gone all out to become a truly unique and fabulous dancer.

Bruno said a few weeks ago that Melissa had exceeded all expectations. Indeed she did.

I can’t wait for tonight.

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