Dancing with the Stars All Stars Dances we Have not Seen Before were Stunning Recap Wk. 4

It is week four and the dancers have had their dances chosen for them by other celebrities and their pros. Carrie Ann reminded us, that lifts are allowed. 

Paula Abdul was present to be the fourth judge this week.  When asked what she was looking for, Paula said, “I want to see them go beyond their comfort zone, go for it, and have the best time.”

Kirstie Alley Did the charleston with Max Chmerkovski

     Kristie Alley and Maks Chmerkovski  – The Charleston
 The Charleston was named for the harbor city of Charleston, South Carolina.  The dance was developed by Kathryn Wilson and became the craze in the United States and the International world during the 1920’s.  One usually thinks of  “flappers” and the “speakeasy.”  The women would often dance together as a way of mocking the “drys” or those in favor or Prohibition.  Therefore, the dance was often considered very immoral and provocative.  In the 1930’s the dances Lindy Hop and Jazz Roots developed from it. 
At first, Kirstie was unsure about doing the dance, but as she realized the various characters she could play, she was all for it.  For the opening, Kirstie came out of a cake.  She looked so cute.  The whole dance gave her personality a vehicle to shine.  It was so much fun to watch.
Len:  “You turn Monday into a fun day.”  He would have liked it to be a little bit cleaner here or there, but, “I tell you what, for fun, you are the best.”
Bruno:  “You’re a mad woman and I love you for it.”
Carrie Ann:  “Tonight you looked stunning, Your dance is fabulous, you were playing to your strengths.”
Paula:  “You just take on the role, each week, of the characters.”
Score:  30

Good Ole Rock and Roll Dance

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas  –  Dancing Rock and Roll
The 1959 dance book describes “Rock-And-Roll” as performed without undue tension.  The body and the legs become flexible. (When you think of Elvis, boy he was loose.”  “The goal is to have physical rhythmic expression of co-ordination with beats of the music.  The basic rhythm is Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick”
During practice Mark was talking about dressing up as a rabbit.  Bristol was not amused and asked him not to.  The last time they dressed as animals, they were gorillas and they did not get good feedback.  She stated, “I just don’t want to be dancing with a rabbit. ” Bristol looked like she was having fun and I loved her bright smile.
Len:  “The only failure is the failure to try…You came out and you gave it your all.”  He did make the comment that it was a little too safe.
Bruno:  “You finally got pumping up out there. You hit all of your steps and you stayed focused.”
Carrie Ann: “Good job! I am impressed with you.  You are really coming to life out there.”
Paula:  “I see improvement and you are having fun.  I am proud of you.”
Score: 32
Sabrina Bryan  and Louie Van Amstel –  Disco
Disco stared during the mid 1970’s and it peaked during the late 1970’s.  The audience consisted of club goers from the African, American, Latino, and gay communities.  It was a reaction against the domination of Rock Music and stigma of the dance. Women loved the music also.  It was the forerunner to disco style clubs, which opened in New York.
As always, Sabrina and Louie looked great together.  They offered some lifts this time and a few other interestring moves.  Sabrina had not wanted any tricks last time, and it may have caused her some points. Carrie Ann had told her last week that she did not show anything new.  So this, they delivered!
Len:  He kept saying he was having a moment, “I’m back, it’s 1978. I’ve got my black suit, my white suit,…”
Bruno:  “Sabrina the Disco Diva.”  She was alive and energized but he points out that she lost timing twice.
Carrie Ann:  Carrie Ann looked at Bruno and said, “I don’t know if she was off a beat, or maybe you  were off beat.  This time you showed us something different.”
Paula:  “The feathers, the hair, the glitter, the sequins, the polyester…It was fantastic.”
Score:  35.5
Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke – The Bolero
Bolero is not one of the Latin dances that Cheryl knows, so she called in some friends to help design the dance.
Bolero is a genre of slow-tempo Latin music. There are Spanish and Cuban forms and both have separate origins.  The term is sometimes used for some art music.  You might find it interesting to know that the Bolero dance has been popular for over a century.  The dance is a 3/4 dance that originated in Spain during the late 18th century.  It is danced by either a couple or a soloist.  It is a slow tempo and can be very sexy and sensual. 
When Cheryl came out, she had a beautiful long scarf around her, and Emmitt gently pulled on it and she gracefully unwrapped herself.  It was a beautiful image and a great way to start the dance.  Their lifts were exceptional.
Len:  “Bolero is a slow and fluid with some raunchy touches.”  He thought Emmitt had “Lovely fluidity of movement.”
Bruno:  “The mood was steamier than an August in Louisiana!”
Carrie Ann:  “I love this job some days. There is nothing better than watching a big, burly man get sexy.”
Paula:  “It was exquisite.  It was sensual.  You are a sexy beast.”
Score:  36

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd had Nearly  a Perfect Score on his Bollywood Dance 39.9

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd – Bollywood Dance
Peta was really stressing out because she has never performed this dance and she was uncertain what to do.  She called him some friends and it really helped. 
Bollywood  is a commercial name given to modern Indian (Hindu) dancing.  It is usually a combination of classical Indian dance, folk dancing such as Bhangra, and sometimes it has a Latin and Arabic influence. It is very fun to do and expressive.  It is important to be expressive about the music, which can be done with very graceful movements of the body.
I loved their opening, the shadows  behind the curtin and they way they moved their arms.  Their dance was fantastic!
Len:  “I know nothing about Bollywood dancing, but I know what I like, and I like this.”  He loved Gilles’ lines.
Bruno:  “A Bollywood superstar is born.”  He thought it was stylistic and perfection.
Carrie Ann:  “That was beyond belief, Aladdin has nothing on you.”    She loved his expressions, “You bring to life the character of the dance.”
Paula:  “Darling, that was about as smoldering spicy as vindaloo.” 
Score:  39.5  Almost perfect.  Needless to say Gilles and Peta were very happy.  All of their hard work and frustration to get it right certainly paid off.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani did a Jitterbug Dance

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolaini  –  Jitterbug
Melissa continued to push herself and her boundaries.  They developed some new lifts and I held my breath, hoping they would get through them on the show.  And they did very well but had a bit of a hiccup during a lift, but recovered quickly.
Jitterbug has led to confusion in the dance community because it can refer to different kinds of swing dances.  The Lindy Hop is a type of  jitterbug but today, the term swing is used to describe it.
Tony is really feeling great about having Melissa as a partner this season.  He stated he is able to really show what he can do.  Several of his last few partners, could not dance well at all.  His last partner, Martina, was voted off first.  I am so happy to see him still here.
Len:  “You are a class dancer, it was clean and correct.  You make Jitterbug very happy.”
Bruno:  “Melissa, what a swinger.  Some of those lifts were so ambitious, It was near perfection.”
Carrie Ann:  “You have this amazing way of making everything look effortless.”  And she praised Tony’s choreography.
Paula:  “You two fit together like a hand to glove.  There is so much joy, the footwork was impeccable.”
Score:  37
Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough – Mambo
The Mambo dance was invented by Perez Pr ado in Cuba and was popular in the 1940’s and 50’s. It moved to Mexico and New York City and changed somewhat.  Originally, the Mambo had no breaking steps or basic steps at all, one was to feel the music and express it.
Professional dancers in the United States did not like “feeling music”, they felt the music was extreme and undisciplined.  Eventually, they developed a standard for the dance so it could be offered to the social and ballroom market.  In the 70’s, Puerto Rica immigrants started dancing this style to Salsa music.  So, this dance has changed several times as well as  how it is done.  It will be interesting to see what Derek and Sabrina do with it.

These two work really well together.  Once again, their dance is very fast paced, and almost perfect.
Len:  “Good news from Goodman, I liked it, I really liked it.” To get that speed and you kept the technique.”
Bruno:  “Melissa, sexy, mesmerizing, out of this world.”
Carrie Ann:  “If I were the other contestants, I’d be a little worried about you.”
Paula:  She told her she did not miss a step and she thought it was outstanding.
Score:  39.5  Tied with Gilles Marini
Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff –  Hip Hop
Karina was a nervous wreck and she did not know what to do with this dance.  She brought some experts in  for help.  During the show, she had a bit of a slip, but recovered well.  She was in tears at the end of the dance, telling Apolo how sorry she was.
Hip Hop Dance refers to street dance performed to hip-hop music and a pop culture has even evolved over the years.  Different styles are used, breaking, locking,  popping, created in the 1970’s.  In the 1990’s and 2000, the dance began to be commercialized with television, “Soul Train”, Beat Street”, to name a few.  And a newer style was eventually influenced by jazz.
Once they started dancing, it seemed that Karina’s worries were over. 
Len:  “You were smoking!  Karina to be honest, I wasn’t even looking at you, so I don’t care.”
Bruno:  “You even made the running man look good.  I tell you it’s tough.”
Carrie Ann:  She liked the way they gave it a modern edge.  It is such an old classical song.
Paula:  “Kudos to you, you’ve got the swagger and it’s pretty cool out there.”
Score 34.5

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Did a Beautiful  Contemporary Dance

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovisky –  Contemporary
Contemporary music is meant to bring out the emotions and it does not use strick dancing stiff movements.  A person designing a dance needs to think about the story they want to tell and the emotions they want to express before beginning the design of the dance.
Kelly and Val spend some time talking and Kelly tells Val that she trusts him and she is beginning to let her wall down a little bit.  She is finding the music brings her emotions up, which she has tried to avoid, but with Val, she beings to share more of herself.  Something beautiful is happening here.
Their emotions are raw on the floor and we can feel what they are feeling.  It was powerful.  Kelly seemed drained afterwards. 
Len:  “Of every couple in this season, you are the biggest revelation to me.”
Bruno:  “You nailed it.  It often takes years to get that feeling etc.”  “I believed every moment.”
Carrie Ann:  What make it amazing is to be truly in touch with your emotion.”  Carrie talked  about seeing Kelly’s raw emotion and said, “That took courage.”
Paula:  “You should be proud of yourself.”
Score:  37.5
If you did not see the results show, Bristol Palin went home.