Dancing with the Stars All Stars A November 20th Update on Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski with Photos

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Have Given us a Great Set of Dances. Let’s catch up with them.

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Partners Dancing with the Stars All Stars

Rumors and questions are still being stated and asked. Val and Kelly do spend a lot of time together, and not all of it is dancing. They are often seen at various clubs in Los
Angeles. A source close to Kelly states that she has a boyfriend of sorts, but it is very low key. It must be as she never talks about him. The chemistry between the two is remarkable and I suppose we just need to wait and see what happens when their competition is completed. I for one, am hoping they eventually become a couple in the truest sense.

In the beginning when Val and Kelly got together, Brooke noticed that Val seemed quieter and shy around Kelly. It’s true, his persona was different than with previous partners. I feel he is a great choreographer and I am so happy he has a great partner this season. This is the furthest he has ever gotten in the competition.

And the 10 year age difference certainly did not cause any problems. Both were so energized and passionate about dancing. They both said last night at the semi-finals, that they hoped to at least get to week four and here they are in the finals. Kelly also credits Val with helping her to bring out her emotions while dancing. She has been able to gradually knock down her wall.

Kelly has also introduced Val to acting. On December 10th, he will be on General Hospital, a small part, but none the less, a way to start. And, she had fun being is acting coach!

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovki Tango Dance

Kelly and Val Paso Doble

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Dance the Waltz

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski a Contemporary Dance

< Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkosvky Samba Dance[/caption]

Kelly Monaco, Val Chmerkovski, and Louie Van Amstel Trio Dance

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Having Fun

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