Dancing with the Stars 15 All Stars Cheryl Burke Hopes she Gets one of her Former Partners



Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke Winners Season 3


Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke Win Season 2

Cheryl Burke and Gilles Marini Second Place Season 8

Cheryl Burke is very excited to be involved in next Season Dancing with the Stars 14, All Stars.  But, she does feel a great amount of pressure.  In season 2, Cheryl won with Drew Lachey,  She won Season 3 with Emmitt Smith, and in Season 8, she and Gilles Marini took second place.
She told Access Hollywood life, “I mean I still wake up and think,  OK, what can I do different?  The costumes have to be different, the choreography as to be different – I mean the level of difficulty from Season 2 until now has been extreme, absolutely.”
She truly hopes to be partnered with one of her former dancers.  She says it will break her heart if she does not get to dance with one of them.  If they all go to someone else, she promises that she will be sneaking into rehearsals. 
Even though Giles did not win, he did dominate Season 8 until the finale when Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas did a perfect Freestyle.  Giles was left in second.
Cheryl is one of my favorite pro dancers and I always love she choreographs.  Let the dances begin!!!

 Shawn Johnson

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