Dancing with the Stars Melissa Rycroft Had a Nearly Flawless Dance and Tony Dovolani Received his First 10’s Since Season 8

You would not think that such beautiful dances could be danced to western music, but OH they can!


Melissa Rycroft Tries to Prepare  Tony Dovolani for Western Week


  Melissa was happy to hear about the Country Theme for this weeks Dancing with the Stars show.  She used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, so she may already have some moves.  However, Tony has no real country game plan or experience.  Melissa told Tony, “I’ve got this.”

 Although  Melissa’s neck is still hurting  that did not stop her from a nearly flawless dance.  She told Tony that she was scared and frustrated and Tony asked her if she wanted to drop out. “NO” she replied.  But she did talk to her doctors and was reassured that she cannot do anymore damage to her neck by doing the type of dancing she is doing.   She will continue to be sore for some time but other than that, no worries.

 Each celebrity is required to do a 20 second solo this week, during their routine.  Melissa decided to do her’s first and what a wonderful job she did.  She had some ballet movements and her movement seemed effortless.  When she and Tony were finished with their dance,  Len stood  up and said, “Watch.” 

 Len:  He gave her a standing ovation as he clapped and stated, “Great technique…fabulous, you’ ve  got  the  how and  the wow.”

 Bruno:  “You started a solo that was absolutely exquisite…weightless, fluid, and lyrical. You had amazing extension and continuity of movement.”  Later, Bruno told her she reminds him of Cyd Cherisse sometimes.

 Carrie Ann:  She praised her extensions and her lines. 

 She scored 29.5  She and Tony received two 10’s, the first 10’s Tony has had since season 8, when Melissa was his partner then too.  Up until now, he has had some of the older women and/or women who do not dance well at all.  Certainly not his fault, but how nice for him to have a terrific partner once again.