The Amazing Race: Congratulations to Josh Kilmer and Brent Ridge Who Won the Amazing Race Last Night

Seen as the underdogs, no one expected the Beekman boys, goat farmers, to win The Amazing Race. But they pulled it off with grit, friendship, determination, and faith in each other. They never won a leg of the race, but when it mattered, they pulled it off.

Winners of The Amazing Race Brent Ridge andf Josh Kilmer

They traveled home to New York, for the final challenge. The final challenge involved matching how you say “hello” and goodbye,” in languages of the countries they had visited.

But before the final challenge, they were required to hang upside down and get themselves out of a straight jacket. That is certainly something we have never seen before.

Josh decided to turn the language challenge into a math problem instead of a memory problem. He used deduction to solve the challenge. The Chippendales came in second and Lexi and Trei came in third. But each of them had won a prize or two for having finished a leg in first place.

After Josh and Brent were declared the winners, Josh stated,. “We were the underdog, and what I hope this proves to people — weather you are a minority or you’re out of work or losing a job, or their house, or whatever — if you just keep going and keep working hard as you can, people will help, and at some point you will win.”

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