Chris Harrison Warns that Things Will Only Get Worse For Chris Bukowski & Reid Blindsided Tonight


Chris Bukowski Bachelor Pad 3


Reid Rosenthal Flew Back to See Jillian After Being Eliminated He Proposed to her Just Before Ed  Swiderski  Arrived to Propose Which Jillian Accepted


 If you watched Bachelor Pad tonight, you saw Reid go home.  I have always liked the guy, and I sill do, but I do think what he was trying to do to Ed was wrong.  Ed got the girl fair and square.  And Reid was rejected by Jillian a second time.  If you recall, Reid flew back from being eliminated and asked Jillian to marry him.  This was even before Ed had his shot.  Reid went down on bended knee and proposed, with a ring.  He gave it his best shot, now it’s time to go home.  Blaming Ed is just jealously.   At any rate, Reid’s plan came back to bite him you know where. Ed’s partner Jaclyn was very upset with Reid’s plan and got the women together to try to save him.

 And as if that is not enough, Chris is really acting crazy.  In a recent interview with TV Guide,  Chris Harrison talks about the fact that things will only get worse for Chris.  One of the quotes Chris made is, “Pretty soon he’s going to make the love triangle a square.”
Chris is trying to play one girl against the other.  Jamie saw his true side tonight when he told her he was too tired for company.  She pushed a bit, but finally got it.  Now she knows he was just leading her on.
From the preview we saw tonight, it looks like Blakeley really gets how she is being lied to next week.   We know that Blakeley will finish with Tony.   And he is a genuine wonderful guy.
A great point that Chris Harrison made is that most do not really realize just how different Bachelor Pad is from the Bachelor.  People are living under the same roof and secrets are not always kept.  If it is to your advantage to switch your alliance, many do it.  I think we often forget that money is at stake here, not just love.
It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. 


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