Chris Harrison Urges Fans Not to Buy into the Scandal About Emily Mayard and Jef Holm, Which Jef’s Brother Tried to Start


Emily and Jef Visit Park City Utah Last Weekend





Emily Visiting Salt Lake City Last Weekend with Jef and She Looks Very Happy

Chris Harrison shares this thoughts on the supposed scandal that Jef’s brother tried to launch.  According to Chris, Mike is seen as the “Black Sheep of the Family,” who is looking for press.  Jef said something similar.  Chris shoots down the rumor, stating that he talks to Emily and Jef all of the time and they are doing great.  And Chris states, Jef is now living in Emily’s hometown. 
Chris understands that no one can predict if they will last forever, but he can promise that they are deeply in love. He urges fans not to buy into any of it.  And I does not seem that we have.  There have been no more statements made nor anymore articles.  Thank goodness!!

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