Chris Harrison Talks “The Bachelor” on Kelly and Michael Live Today


 Chris Harrison looked sexy and cool as he appeared on Kelly and Michael Live this Morning.  He was wearing skinny jeans, a shirt, and that sexy smile of his.  When The Bachelor first started about 10 years ago, there was only one other Reality TV Show and that was, Survivor.   He recalls asking Jeff Probst, Survivor Host. “What Do we Do?”  Chris Harrison had been a true host on several networks, but this was all new.  He admits that the number of hats he wears today has grown.  He is a host, friend, counselor, minister and Rabbi all rolled into one.


Chris Harrison Host of The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Host of The Bachelor

With regard to Ashley and J.P.’s wedding, , he was hesitant to do it.  They are such good friends and the last thing he wanted was for it to look “cheesy.”   He talked with J.P. and Ashley, at length, and finally decided to do it. And, boy did he do it we. 

It  took time for cable to catch up with television and we did not have any social network, which has really helped things flourish.  Since Chris Harrison is now single,  the rumors keep flying about his possibly being the next bachelor.  Kelly Rippa said she would host if Chris is the next bachelor.  That could be quite interesting.

With regard to some of what takes place on The Bachelor, Chris shared what should still be “In, ” and what should be “out.” 

Fantasy Suites – In

Limos – In

Group Dates – Out

Kisses on the beach – In

Cat Fights – Out

 Do you agree with Chris?  Share your thoughts.

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