Chris Harrison Bachelor Pad Host Shares his Thoughts on Tony Pieper & Blakeley Shea’s Relationship

Tony and Blakeley Started Their Relationship When They Both Won the Teacup


Tony and Blakeley Engaged!!!



Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Jones were sent home Monday night by Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon.  It was no surprise.  I don’t think anyone on the show or anyone at home, watching it was surprised.  Chris and Blakely clearly had some issues.   Blakeley cried but Tony was there to comfort her.  They both left in the same limo and Tony told her, “I’m not going anywhere without you.”
Neither one blamed the other, it just was what is was, their time to leave.  Tony told Blakeley that he felt he let his son down, but deep down he knows he did not.  He made the statement, “I’ve just got to love him and that’s what I am going to do.”  And of course, no one doubts the love that Tony feels for his son.
Both Blakeley and Tony share how they did not expect to find love but they are both so glad they did.  And as they drive off, I smile and hope all goes well for them.
Chris Harrison has certainly watched this relationship grow and recently was asked his impressions about them.
  He stated, “He really fulfills everything she needs.  I even say it next week (finale), with all the tattoos and tough talk, she’s really just vulnerable and wants someone honest, protective, and will take care of her.  That’s what he is, and they are perfect for each other.  It’s weird how it happened, but it really makes sense.”   What a lovely way to put it.
I am looking forward to Tony’s proposal.  You?

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