Chris Bukowski Talks About His Involvement with Three Women

Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon In the Hot Tub Bachelor Pad 3


Jamie Otis and Chris Bukowski Bachelor Pad 3




Chris tries to defend his behavior in an article for “”People Magazine.”  He was on the “Bachelorette for love and on “”Bachelor Pad for The MONEY.
He states that he is not a mean person, “You’ve got to lie and play the game.  You can’t be nice to everybody.” 
With regard to his partnership with Blakeley – Chris felt that she was the most athletic girl in the house and working with her would give him a good chance at winning.  But, he found it was a lot of work being with her.  He felt he needed a change. 
With regard to his behavior:  He was a bit shocked that everyone was disturbed by his behavior.  He does not feel anyone can win by just being nice, stating, “We can do that on our own.  We can go to someone’s house and just hang out.”
Regarding playing between two girls Jamie and Blakeley, and then Sarah, this was what really made the fans angry.   Chris said, “People’s feelings were on the line, gut I can’t take it back.  I can’t really be sorry.  I was playing a game, I separate real life from the game.”  I still don’t think he gets it.  He could  have handled things differently if he really wanted to or cared.
He feels Blakeley and Jamie were 100% there for the money.  One reason he wanted to remove himself from Blakeley is that she was not well liked by most of the other women.  He felt he would have a target on his back and be voted off for his relationship with her.
About Jamie, he states they talked about the money and not getting emotionally involved.  He knows he led her on but does not feel it is 100% his fault.  He stated, “She’s smart.  She could have realized…but I feel for her and think about her everyday.”
Chris, you may not know as much about women as you think!
The reason he picked Sarah for the one on one date is that she was very neutral in the house, so he thought she would be the best to pick.  I think there was more to it than that.  Jamie was getting  possessive I  I think he thought he would have more fun with Sarah.

He does like both women and feels they would fit in with his friends.  And, “If it was me meeting (Jamie or Sarah) out sometime, no game, there could be something.”

 I guess if he can live with his behavior, that’s all there is to it.  I just hope he takes a step back, watches what took place, and learns something from it. 

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