Chris Bukowski From The Bachelorette to Bachelor Pad

Chris Bukowski Bachelor Pad 3


Chris Bukowski Looking Good Bachelor Pad 3

 We recently saw Chris Bukowski on Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Season.  Chris fell for hard for Emily and made it to the home town dates.  His family is Polish, and Emily experienced some true Polish culture.  The Bukowskis’ welcomed Emily with open arms and Chris was very hopeful that she would be his wife some day.

 However, at the rose ceremony, Chris did not get a rose and was very upset, even showing some anger.  He fought hard to take Emily to meet his family and had stated in an interview, if he had not gotten that far, it would have been a total waste.   At the Men Tell All, Chris had chance to talk with Emily and all is well between then now.   Emotions really run high during this process.
Chris is 25 years old and he is a corporate sales director living in Chicago, Ill.  He was the last contestant announced for the Bachelor Pad.   He was looking forward to it and already has several women interested in him.  Blakeley asked him to be her partner for the first challenge.  Later, Jamie Otis, asked for some time with him.  They enjoyed some nice kissing until they were interrupted by Blakeley.
Chris is beginning to feel the intensity in Blakeley.  Will he stay  with her as her partner?   He really is looking for love and some money would not hurt either.  I wish him well.

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