Children are Plentiful as Jef Holm, Cody Barker and Generosity Water Visit Well #2 In Ghana, Africa


Jef Holm and Cody Barker of People Water and Generosity Water Visit Well Number 2 in Ghana, Africa

Jef Holm and Cody Barker Co-Founders of People Water

Emily Maynard has joined Jef, Cody, and Generosity Water in visiting to two new wells in Ghana, Africa.  Before these wells were drilled, the water was full of bugs and disease.  The visit is being documented to show just what can happen when people care.

Emily and Jef are just beginning their life together.  They have been together for 5 months now and both wanted to give something back.  In all of the photos,  they are smiling and seem very happy.  I can imagine that some of this visit was rugged.  I think that all of this helps solidify their relationship and proves what a team they are and will become.
If you have not watched Jef’s video in Nicaragua, where wells have been built, do yourself a favor and watch it.  It is amazing to see him with the children.


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