Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars Would Love to Be The Next Bachelorette

Cheryl Burke in Dancing with the Stars Costume

Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars

If you watch Dancing with the Stars, you already know who Cheryl Burke is. She is a fabulous dancer and has won several Mirror Ball Trophies. So, you would think that someone this good-looking and talented, would have no problem finding a man. People have assumed, in the past, that here was a romantic connection with some of her male partners. Wrong! If there was one, it did not last. Recently, Cheryl was at an awards show and made the passing comment that she would love to be the next bachelorette. She was not kidding. She has not dated anyone in two years. She does not want to be single anymore.

She had this to say, “My dating record hasn’t been great the past couple of years so if I have a chance to go on the Bachelorette, I will”, she told People Magazine. She feels if someone else was setting up guys for her, it would be a lot easier. Statistically, the bachelorettes have had more luck than the bachelors in staying with the one they picked. Although Cheryl comes across on DWTS as uninhibited, she says that basically she is shy. She often finds herself standing in the corner. I never would have guessed that she was all that shy. But you know, it’s sort of like some comedians. They can totally let go and show that fun side, only when performing. What do you think of the idea of Cheryl as the bachelorette? I think she would be great. Maybe ABC will take a look. And DWTS, is even on the same network. Sounds like a win, win, for me.

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