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Smiling faces, beautiful places; Large litter protester strips to save the planet.

Ridiculous news of the day… What’s in the water out there in South Carolina ya’ll! During a press conference for an anti-litter campaign a very large and in charge African American woman evidently stripped down to her drawers to voice her disapproval of littering….Um, yeah, not sure the tie in here friends but just a reminder that people a fawking Curazaay! Okay yeah, littering is a problem, but is this really necc. Isn’t there bigger problems in the world? The

5 Canadian Actors we’d like to see for Bachelor Canada Season 2 – Spoilers!

Bachelor Canada Season 2 Spoilers…well not really! So now that every news outlet in American uses the catchphrase spoilers it’s hard to even get noticed without the phrase, ‘Bachelor Spoilers’ somewhere in your article. Compliments of my wild imagination and a bit of free time here are the 5 famous Canadians that most likely will not be the next Bachelor. Although it sure would be fun! Alan Thicke An ABC icon and the former father of Kirk Cameron on Growing

Reese Witherspoon goes redneck on police. ‘You’re about to find out who I am.’

HOW DO YOU SAY EPIC FAIL!¬† WTF were you thinking Reese? After seeing her hubby getting popped for DUI Reese Witherspoon told the police officer, ‘You’re about to find out who I am!’ I got a feeling those words will forever haunt her for a LONG TIME! A great actress but what an stupid thing to say to a police officer! Witherspoon was charged with disorderly conduct for mouthing off to the police officer and her husband Jim Toth who

Hey look at me, Rihanna posts photos of her near bare ass on Twitter

Rihanna twitter pics we can all live without! Here is another reason 20 somethings are thinking twice about having children… Keeping it classy as always, megastar Rihanna made it a point to share that she was¬†celebrating 4/20/2013 evidently sharing just how high she was and then she felt that the world needed to see her butt. Half a million people got a wide shot…by conservative estimates. And now we all know how useful Twitter is… Thanks for that Rihanna! Your

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