Catching Up with Love in the Wild After Three Episodes

Michele Knows How to Attract a Man!

Jen and Ben Drama at the Shack

We have had three episodes and there has been some switching of partners. During the first episode, there were six extra men. The women were invited to choose another man as part of their team. Everyone was now in a trio. At the couples ceremony, there were a few changes. During week two, there were no surprises. However, during week three we had another twist. This time there were 6 extra women and the men were able to choose another woman. Needless to say, this did not go over well with the current ladies. One of the ladies, Michelle, was extremely voluptuous and received dagger looks from women.

Michelle was the last woman standing and since Ben and Jenny had come in last, he had the last pick. Jenny immediately told her that she and Ben and a great connection. She also told Ben, that she did not want to win and have to share Oasis with Michelle.

The trios were: Chase and Ali ended up with Jenna Gillund from Chicago.
Ryan and Summer ended up with Natalie, from Ann Arbor, MI
Jesse and Tara ended up with Melissa from San Diego.
Jason and Cina ended up with Vanessa, from Phoenix, AZ
Kenneth and Yanina ended up with Lindsay, from Philadelphia, PA.
Ben and Jenny ended up with Michelle, from Rome, GA.

During the challenge, each threesome was shackled together. It was a riot watching them try to walk together.

Part of the challenge was to find cave and retrieve a map for the rest of the journey, Jenny, Ben, and Michelle, were in first place. Only two could go into the cave so Jenny and Ben went.When they found the rope and the map, Ben asked Jenny to take charge of the map. As they were getting ready to exit the cave, Ben asked Jenny about the map. She told him she did not have it, she thought he did.

Ben was not pleased and assumed that perhaps Jenny had don’t that on purpose so they would not win first place. They went back to get the map and did end up in first place.

The couples finishing places Ben, Jenny, and Michelle – Off to the Oasis
Ken, Angina, and Lindsay
Ryan, Summer, and Natalie
Jason, Cina, and Vanessa
Chase, Ali, and Jenna
Jesse, Tara, and Melissa

Ben decided to get to know Michelle and see is she had anything going besides her physical awesomeness. As part of their first place win, they would be getting a first class boat ride. Ben used this time to get to know Michelle better. They both discovered that family is very important to both of them. Jenny did her thing, but was rather pout. Nor really a good way to try to win your man.

Ali pulled some dirty tricks on the new girls and Chase felt that was immature.

Jesse tells Tara and he does not feel the do well together. This was a total surprise to her. She called the situation “messed up.” She had intimate relations with Jesse, which only adds more hurt to the rejection.

After switching several times for some the final couples are:
Ben and Michelle

Ken and Yanina

Ryan chose Natalie and Summer went to the unmatched area.

Jason paired up with Vanessa

Chase chose Summer, sending Cina to the unmatched area.

Jesse decides on Ali and now Tara goes to the unmatched area.

The following ladies leave: Melissa Alatorre, Lindsay Furman, Natalie Korzon, Cina Luks, Tara Locke, and Jenny Blatt were eliminated.

My favorite couple Ken and Yanina – I hope they win it all.

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