Castles, Dungeons, and Heart Strings In Prague Episode 7 Bachelorette

Jef and Emily’s Marionettes

Sean and Emily Kissing

 We are in picturesque Prague and it looks like a beautiful and charming place. Emily is very happy to be here and feels she has the best group of men ever. Emily talked about not giving out the final rose last week. She was truly unsure of whom to send home, stating, “I want to know next time I send someone home I know it’s not going to work out.”

My feeling about keeping both Doug and John, is that I don’t see a close connection and I was fairly sure they would be going home tonight. So, she gives them a chance, but in a sense it is’s false hope. I can’t see either one pulling it off in one date. John is very nice but he just does not have that connection. We will see how the dates go.

As usual, Chris Harrison shows up telling them about this week’s date. There will be 3 one on one dates and no roses on one on one dates. And one group date, with a group date rose. Tension mounts as all of them don’t want to be on that group date, especially Chris. He is upset that he has not had any real time with Emily since Charlotte.

The first one on one date goes to Arie, and says, “Let’s check out Prague together.” Arie is excited and says, “Emily is totally the woman of my dreams. I have a lot of my feelings and emotions invested.” Emily does not really have a plan for this date, hoping to just experience the city on a random basis, strolling and enjoying what they see. She tells Arie she will be his tour guide. They see some cathedrals, and Arie tells us it would be romantic to get married in one of them.

Meanwhile, Emily is thinking about what a great kisser he is. Do you recall when Chris Harrison teased her about how much she kisses him? Now, Emily is telling us that she knows about a secret Arie has and he has not divulged it yet. Now here is where it gets a bit sticky for me. If you have read spoilers, you know that Arie dated the shows producer, Cassie Lambert, 9 years ago. She used to hang around the race track and have beers with the drivers. Cassie has decided that since Arie and Emily are really connecting that she should enlighten Emily. Really?

From the promos, we have been expecting a bit of drama. Some even went so far as to suggest Arie is sent home immediately. Thankfully, that did not happen. On their date, Emily talks about trust and loyalty and is trying to get Arie to tell her about it. He does not have a clue, and rightfully so.

Emily writes in her blog, “Before we started filming I had been told that there may have been one contestant on the show this season who had dated Cassie. I was asked if I would mind. Once I knew it was almost a decade ago, and knowing Cassie is engaged, I was fine with it. I put it out of my head” Cassie tells Emily it was nothing serious. So why bring it up in the first place? Then when Cassie took it upon herself, halfway through the season to tell me…I was definitely surprised.”

On their date, Emily talks about trust and loyalty and is trying to get Arie to tell her about it. He does not have a clue, and rightfully so.

After all of the build up, Emily shares what she knows and Arie seems a bit bewildered. I see this whole situation as manipulation of Emily and Arie. I think the producers wanted to create more drama. To me, it was a terrible thing to do. Fortunately Arie explains, it was a long time ago, it was not serious, and frankly, it never crossed his mind to share that.

Emily felt glad to have it all out there and they picked up right where they left off. Later, at dinner Emily realizes that it was not a big deal and sees that she should have given Arie the benefit of the doubt. They kiss, and all is forgiven. More kisses!!!!! Emily is handling this in a very mature manner. Good for her.

Emily brings up the hometown dates next week, and Arie assures her that his family will love her. He also tells her, “In Croatia, I fell in love with you and I want you to know where my heart is.” Emily, “If things keep going this way, nothing would make me happier. You made me the happiest girl.” And we end with fireworks!!!!

John’s date card says, “In Prague, all you need is love.” John knows he needs to step it up more. What the guys don’t realize, is that sometimes the one on one is for Emily to see just how much they have in common. She is also looking for that romance quotient. Emily and John meet and John tells Emily that she looks awesome.

Emily takes John on this date as he showed her last week that he could open up. She feels he needs to kick it up a notch this week. But can he? Her connection with Ariel, Sean, and Jef, is so far ahead of anything he could do tonight. On the date, they go to the Lennon wall and paint a boat, as that is when they first had some good connection time together. Then they find themselves at a fence with locks on it. That means eternal love. Unfortunately, they have trouble getting it to lock and Emily sees this as not a good sign.

They eventually have an evening time together and John tells her about his last relationship which ended badly. In the end, Emily does not feel the connection. But there is no rose on this date. Back to the hotel he goes back thinking he made a great impression. He did kiss her however, several times.

The group date card arrives, “Let’s Find Happiness Forever.” Chris is about to lose it as he will be on this date with Sean and Doug. Sean is feeling he needs to touch base with Emily and feels she must be in the area as she just dropped John off. We see him walking and running down the street calling Emily’s name. Eventually,he finds her in a streets (I am certain it was set up before hand.) There is more kissing than talking. He kissed her against a wall, but I think Ari’s wall kiss was better last week. Emily is genuinely happy to see him and they both comment how they missed each other. “Emily tells us, “There is no boy I’d rather see than Sean.”

And Sean says, “If I have to share you with 20 guys just to have 5 minutes with you, it’s worth it.” Sean goes back to the hotel, feeling very confident and now looking forward to the group date.

On the group date Emily picks them up in a horse drawn carriage. It’s raining but their spirits do not dampen. They find a beautiful 13th century castle. They begin to explore and even play hide and seek. When Emily has some alone time with Chris, he tells her, that when the other guys come home and talk about their one on one dates, it drives him crazy.”

She spends some time with Doug and it is not happening. It feels very awkward and stilted. He is trying so hard, maybe a bit too much. Emily tells us, “His body language makes me feel he does not want to touch me.” Now she knows what to do. They walk outside and Emily reminds him of the time he told her to follow her gut. She shares she does not see the relationship progressing. Poor Doug, now, at the wrong moment he leans over and gives her a kiss. Does he not realize what is happening? She is telling him adios!

Emily to Doug, “You have been a gentleman to a fault.” She does not want to make him wait and put him through a rose ceremony so she is sending him home now. In the limo, Doug says, “My girl radar is totally broken. I would like to fall in love, I don’t want to be alone. Then Austin and I will have a family. I feel bad about that everyday”

Doug is a sweetheart and a great guy but just not for Emily. I hope this experience has helped him and he can move on. Now Emily goes back to Sean and Chris.

She gets some time alone with Sean, and Emily tells him, “I woke up with a smile on my face. They talk about the home town dates and he gets the group date rose. Chris is crushed. Chris is so stressed he cannot relax around Emily. And of course he is not a happy camper since Sean got the rose.

Jef’s date card arrives. “This is your chance to pull at my heart strings.” Emily picks Jef up and they are off exploring. She loves just hanging out with him. They visit several shops and end up at a marionette store. Oh, they are all so adorable. Emily and Jeff spend time exploring and he buys one for her and one for him. She walks outside, and Jef emerges from the store with a huge grin on his face. Sitting atop his male marionette, is a much smaller one, a princess. He thought Ricki would like one too. Emily’s heart is really touched. I don’t think anyone else has really brought Ricki into the mix like this.

He is truly genuine and has a unique vulnerability, even an innocence about him. Emily and Jef walk and find themselves in a unique library. The ceiling is beautifully painted with scenes. It reminds Emily is the Sistine Chapel. Having seen that myself, I agree.

It became obvious at the shop that Jef knows how to use a marionette. He suggests they make up a play. He also feels it will be easier to express himself through the play. Now some might suggest that is not a good idea. But it is, it makes it much easier and certainly counts. In the play he tells Emily, “This whole thing has blown my wildest dreams out of the water. I am in love with you.” And they kiss!!!!

Emily brings up the home town dates and he tells Emily she will not meet his parents. He tells her they live in SC. She will meet his siblings and their families. Now what he does not tell her is that he parents are Mission Presidents in the Mormon Church. From the reading I have done, and according to Reality Steve, he is not a practicing Mormon. If he were, they would expect her to eventually convert and be married in the temple.

Jef tells her his parents are crazy in love and he hopes for the same. Back at the hotel, Chris is going about how poorly he handled his group date. He needs to be able to talk to Emily and he is sorry for his behavior. John is feeling very confident that he will get a rose. Emily shows up for the rose ceremony in a beautiful dress.

She meets with Chris and tells him she does not need a cocktail party. She has made up her mind and is sure about what she wants to do. Chris delivers the news to the men and Chris is now truly nervous and upset. Somehow, he needs to find a way to communicate with Emily. Emily arrives and begins giving out the roses. Sean and Arie both get a rose. (Duh_) Now we are down to Chris and John. As Emily is holding the last rose, her lips move back and forth, like she is trying to make up her mind. Just before she gives it out, Chris asks if he can talk to her.

They go somewhere private. He tells her he took the group date for granted and he is sorry about that. We hear music that sounds like a “swan song.” They talk about the home town dates and he leaves, feeling more confident. The last rose goes to Chris and he breathes a sigh of relief. John looks a bit shocked and tells us he is. He did not see this coming. He felt he had a great connection with Emily on their date, but it was a little too late. Of course, I wonder if he had the opportunity to talk to Emily also, it might have made a difference. Anyway, he’s off to the limo. He tells Emily he thought they connected. He said she kept wanting more and he thought he did that. He ends with, “Maybe I’ll find my Cinderella someday.”

I think down the road, Doug will find someone. Right now he does not have any flirting skills and John needs to open up more. Hopefully they have both gained some insight. They are very nice men.

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