Bio and Photos of Jenny McCarthy Host of “Love in the Wild” Who adds Intrigue and Playfulness to the Show

Jenny and her Son

Jenny Holding Coconuts Love in the Wild

Jenny McCarthy was asked by NBC to host Season Two of Love in The Wild. She had experience in a similar type of show, “Singled Out.” NBC likes her charisma and enthusiasm. They also know she can be unpredictable, which adds an edge to the show. About her self she explained, “Everyone knows I’ve looked just about everywhere except the jungle for love – I wanted to apply as a contestant and ended up with a job.” She is an actress, host, best selling author, activist, and model. And, she has also posed for “Playboy Magazine.”

Her latest book is titled, “Love, Lust, and Faking it: The Naked Truth About Sex Lies, and True Romance,” was in the stores in 2010. Her next book will be “Sinner: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic.” It will be published in 2012.

Jenny was born in Evergreen Park, Ill to a middle class Catholic family. They were very Polish with Irish decent. She studied at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts School. And believe it or not, was bullied by classmates.

A beautiful woman, in 1993, she was accepted by “Playboy Magazine.” She was offered $20,000 ($32,177 today) to pose for the October issue and she became Playmate of the month, and later Playmate of the Year. Things were looking good. Jenny moved to Los Angeles hoping for more work and in various areas.

In 1995, she was chosen by MTV to host a new dating show entitled, “Singled Out.” She was well received and “Playboy” wanted her to do more modeling. She even got involved in the World Wrestling Federation, a pay-per-view event. Her first major movie role was with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The movie was the comedy BASEketball. She also had a movie role in “Scream 3. ‘

Over the years, she appeared in more films and TV Shows. When her son was diagnosed with Autism, she became an advocate for the disease. She became involved in research and various treatments. There was some controversy over some of her beliefs and she still does work in this area. If you are interested, there is a wealth of information on the Internet.

She continues to model for “Playboy” and there is a new issue coming out soon. This year, she landed the “Love in the Wild,” host job and frankly I like her much better than the gentleman of last year. She has wit, and I love her energy. Her sexual innuendos are right on, add zest to the show, and are appropriate. You can tell she is not afraid to put it out there. And I love the looks and facial expressions she adds. I feel NBC made a very good choice. I hope to see her next season.

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