Big Brother’s Willie Hantz Shares His Strategy and Has Informed his Girlfriend He Will Do What He Has to Do!


Willie, Jenn, and JoJo Hanging Out Big Brother House


Willie Hantz Big Brother 14

Willie is doing fairly well at the moment.  He is HOH and he made his nominations.  Can he keep it up?  Does he resemble his brother?  Here is what he has laid out for his strategy.  He wants to create as much drama and chaos as possible, without anyone knowing he is the one doing it.   And the big difference between Willie and Russell is that Willie is going to win.  No ego here!
He feels if he can contribute to others being crazy,  it will take the focus off of him.   And, he is willing to do anything to win the money.  If that means charming the ladies, even though he has a girlfriend at home, so be it.  And his girlfriend knows it.  I told her.  I said,  “look, whatever I gotta do, you get mad, you just get mad because if I come home with half a million dollars I’m pretty sure you’ll still be here.”

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