Big Brother Spoilers Jenn Arroyo is a Musician and Has Amazing Tattoos!


Jenn the Rocker Joins Big Brother 14


Jenn Arroyo Big Brother 12

Jenn Arroyo, 37,  is one of our oldest house guests.  She is a musician and the former bass player played  for a female metal group, “Kittie.”  She describes herself as funny, sexy, and smart.  For fun her activities are working out, lifting weights, and playing her guitar/bass.  She also enjoys writing in a journal and her ideas often become a song.

 Like many of the other house guests,  she will miss contact with her family and friends.  Of course when she tours, she is away for long periods of time, so she can do this.  But, she does not have to like it.  For her strategy she states, “I’m going to be me.  It’s a simple answer, but a fun twisted puzzle to unfold.”
She is very proud of her hard work in music and the albums she produced. She says, “A piece of my heart and soul are located within.”
Her motto is, “To enjoy myself.”   That certainly sounds good to me. If she were to win big money, she would keep doing what she does, recording music, and going out and sharing it.  But also, she would want to start a music program to help underprivileged kids.  She says that music helped to keep her out of trouble and saved her life.  She knows how helpful it can be.
I did not know what to expect when I first read her bio and saw her but I really liked her last night. I hope she does well.

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