Big Brother Spoilers How Does Willie Hantz Compare to his Brother Russel and his Nephew Brandon?



Russell Hantz Suvivor Samoa



Brandon Hantz Nephew of Russell Hantz


Willie Hantz Brother of Russell Hantz

When I learned that Willie would be on Big Brother 14, I immediately thought about Russell Hantz , his brother and his terrible personality.  During his first stint on Survivor Samoa he immediately started causing trouble. He burned some of the other survivor’s socks and poured water out of their canteens. 
 He found immunity idols, without clues.  That was very remarkable.  He somehow managed to get to the final three, but the jury was not impressed.  To them he was a true villain.  He did not win.
In his second try, he did not do much better.  It’s a shame, but he has no social game.  Trying to be nice to others just does not seem to be part of who he is, unless he wants something from you.
In Survivor Pacific, Russell’s nephew, Brandon showed up.  He had a tattoo on his body that said, “Hantz.”  For quite some time he kept his shirt on to keep it covered.  He was 21 years old and he was a born again Christian.  He was hoping to show a better side of his family.  He really did not know how to play the game but we saw a nicer side to the Hantz family.
 And the poor guy was put down by his family for not being aggressive and nasty, when he went home.  He shared that on the finale of Survivor Pacific.  I remember feeling really sad for him.  In a stupid move, he handed over an immunity necklace and was voted off.
So now we have Willie, who has turned out to be a bully and extremely aggressive.    And he has quite an ego.  He stated this competition would be different from Russell’s because he is going to win.   He even told his girlfriend that if he needed to flirt, he would do it.  He told her, if I win the money, no matter what, you will still be here. 
He really had a chance to do something more positive as HOH, but he blew it.  He allowed someone else to make him crazy and he snapped.  He could be up on the block this week.