Big Brother Spoilers Danielle Murphree Plans on Not Looking Very Smart



Danielle Murphree Big Brother 14



Danielle Murphree Big Brother 14

 Let’s get acquainted with Danielle Murphree. She is 23 years old and a nurse from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  When she has time, she enjoys modeling. She considers herself outgoing, loving, and passionate.  She enjoys photography very much and will really miss her camera.

 She hopes to maintain a personality that others do not feel a threat from.  She feels that is a big mistake many make.  She also does not want to appear too smart. Now, there are several other women who are thinking about the not being smart thing.  I would think someone would eventually get wise to this ploy.
Like several others, she loved Jordon and hated Rachel.  She felt Rachel was whining and backstabbing. (Did anyone like Rachel?) Her motto is, “Love everything as is you were about to lose it.”  If she became famous she would deal with it and would enjoy many new challenges.
Her most famous modeling experience was for the Harley Davidson Heart of Dixie Calendar for 2012.  She models for a few other photographers. Her Harley photo is amazing.  On her bio she says, “Willing to model/act for almost any event.  She could do very well.

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