Big Brother Spoilers: Contestant Shane Meaney has a Secret!


Shane Meaney Big Brother 14


Shane Meaney The Model

Shane Meaney is 26 years old and lists his profession as a house flipper. However, we also know that he tried to launch a modeling career as well as a personal trainer. And in 2010, he was Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year nominee from Vermont. When the ladies get a look at his modeling photos, oh my. Right now he has a bit of a scruffy beard, but that won’t hide his body.       
He thinks of himself as easygoing and a compassionate guy. He likes to know what other people are thinking, especailly women. He admits that it is often difficult trying to figure them out.
The best compliment he ever had, he’s  a great kisser.  And he has a sweet spot, “My collarbone. I love when a woman slowly kisses it.”
 He is not looking forward to slop in the house. His roommate is an excellent cook.  He hopes to maintain friendships with house members, but keeping his competitive edge.
His motto: Work hard, play harder. Through various interviews, he has said he would be open to a showmance. It might be a bit uncomfortable because his mom will be watching put says, “That’s what sheets are for.”
This gentleman should certainly be very interesting to watch!!

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