Big Brother Episode1 Recap, Previous Players Revealed and One House Guest Eliminated


Julie Chen Big Brother 14


Big Brother 14 House Guests

It was nice to  see Julie again and she looked lovely in a red jumpsuit.  She reminds us that there will be four additional players added to mix.  The four former players will be coaches and  will not be playing the game as individuals.
The house guests introduce themselves, and these remarks stood out for me.
Wil let us know he is gay, tough, and talented.
JoJo is street smart from New York and she is Sicilian.
Joe the chef lets them know that he can make slop taste like a great fillet steak.
Jenn is a gay rocker and is a former member of the rock band “Kittie.”
Ashley wants to fill the house with love.
As the house guests move around to find their beds and size up the situation, Ian a big survivor fan, notices that Wille looks very much like Russell Hantz.
In the living room, Julie informs them about the four former players returning, and that one of the house guests will be eliminated even before unpacking.  The four arrive:
Dan, winner of BB 10 – He is a football coach and wants to bring some of those principles into play.
Janelle from BB 6 and BB All Stars – she wants to push people to win.
Britney from BB 12 – She failed to see the bigger picture and will advise her team members about that.
Boogie from BB 2 and winner of All Stars. – He feels most house guests underestimate the importance of the social game and  he will coach in that area.
The house guests are relieved when they learn they will not be competing against the coaches.  The coaches  also cannot win HOH or POV, and cannot cast a vote to evict. But the one who coaches the winning house guest, will win $100,000.
Dan asks Willie if he is related to Russell and Willie denies it.  I think it might have been wise for Willie to alter his look somewhat  before entering the house.  He wears a hat, like Russell,  and it really accentuates his facial features.
 This year the contestants did not receive a key to the Big Brother House, just an invitation. They will have to earn their key in the first competition. The coaches chose their team members.
Britney – Shane,  Willie,  JoJo
Janelle – Wil,  Ashley,  Joe
Boogie – Frank,  Ian,  Jen
Dan – Kara,  Danielle,  Jodi
The game they will play is called “Slumber Party.”  They put on their PJ’s and will have to move a 3 stuffed teddy tears from one end to the other.  When they have collected them, they will have to turn out the nightlight.  They will be moving over beds that twist,  jiggle, and try to throw them off. The Coach from the winning team will pick one  of his team to be the first HOH.
The last place Coach will pick a team member to go home.
Britney’s team wins and she picks Willie for HOH. She feels he needs to start making some deals. We already see signs of Russell as Willie tells us this is all about him and the game is his to win. He has not admitted to being Russell’s brother, but I think the others are wise and he does not need to.
Dan picks  Jodi to go home. What a shame but she had the most trouble navigating the various beds.  I think it was a big mistake that Dan did not pick even one male.
Jodi leaves and Julie reveals that there will be a new power announced on Sunday.
I have to say, I do like this show better than The Glass House.  After two episodes, I could not watch anymore. The idea of a host for BB is great. It adds continuity and some structure, which the game needs.