Big Brother 14 Spoilers Meet Jodi Rollins Who Believes in Living in the Moment


Jodi Rollins Big Brother 14


        Jodi Looks Good In Red

 Meet Jodi Rollins who is 42 hears old and a restaurant server from Calipartria, Calif.  The things which she will miss the most  while in the house are:   lack of privacy, her family, and not always having great food. She is not a fan of slop!

She thinks her best strategy is to let people underestimate her.  Her favorite big brother player is Brittney from season 2.  Jodi thinks she was funny with an edge and sweet at the same time.
She does not like roller coasters but it is not likely she will be riding one. However, I suppose some of the challenges might replicate one,  to a certain extent.  Her motto:  Live in the Moment.  Her greatest accomplishments are running the marathon in Los Angeles, and marrying her husband.
If she won a lot of money she would hope to stay the same person.  She would do everything she could to stay grounded.