Big Brother 14 Contestant JoJo Spatafora Tells It Like it Is



A Very Attractive JoJo Spatafora Big Brother 13

JoJo Spatafora Big Brother 14


JoJo is 26 years old and she is a bartender from Staten Island, New York.  She sees herself as different and sparkling. She certainly has sparkling eyes!  Would you believe she enjoys roller  blading?  She also enjoys ice skating and cooking.

 She will miss her computer and cell phone, the ability to connect with her friends.  She does not have any children, so she is not used to a lot of noise or someone to go home to.  She is looking forward to being able to chill in the big brother backyard and get a tan.
One of her favorite players was Evil Dick because he was real.  ” I don’t like the red-headed girl that got engaged to one of the other guys, Rachel? She thinks a lot of herself and her laugh is so annoying.”  (I certainly agree about the laugh.) 
She does not like snakes or creepy crawlers of the dark.  I doubt we will ever see her on Love in the Wild!  If she won and became famous, she would try to keep a semi-low profile, and be humble. And she would donate some money to charity as she knows what  it is like not having a lot.

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