Love in the Wild 2 Ben Clark and Michelle Sacco Made it to the Final Three Couples

Ben Clark on Love in the Wild 2

Michelle Sacco Love in the Wild 2

Ben and Michelle became partners, when she was introduced as part of a trio. Ben was with Jenny at the time, but things always seemed to be stressful with them. Ben currently lives in Monroe, North Carolina.

He was raised in Chesterfield, England, which accounts for his British accent.

Ben feels the ladies are often attracted to him for the wrong reason. They love his accent and think of him as sexy. He is a former soccer player and states that people either love him or hate him. He does have some charm and he is hoping that is what the ladies will be attracted to.

Jenny was a nice girl but she never really seemed happy. And she was really upset when Ben picked Michelle for their trio. Now, she was the only one left and she is big on top. Jenny made the statement that if they won the next challenge, she did not want to go to the Oasis Suite with Michelle.

During part of the challenge, they were to find a map and other clues in a cave. And part of the sequence required one of the ladies to go with him and kiss him. Jenny jumped at the opportunity. As she and Ben were in the cave, Ben asked her to take the map and keep it. As they were nearing the entrance, Ben noticed the map was not there. Jenny said she did not know she was supposed to be responsible for it.

One would think, perhaps, that Jenny was trying to sabotage their chance of winning to avoid the Oasis Suite. Ben was not pleased. They did share a kiss but I saw no fireworks between the two. I think at this point, Jenny had begun to seal her fate of being eliminated.

Believe it or not, the Ben and his two ladies, beat everyone else. As part of the reward, they were given a ride on a beautiful sailing ship. Ben was looking forward to getting to know Michelle better. Jenny was more or less pouting.

Ben discovered that Michelle’s family is very important as his is to him. He also found that besides having a nice body, she has some brains. Michelle was able to get him to laugh, and it was delightful. He never really laughed with Jenny.

At the couples ceremony, Ben decided to stay with Michelle, and Jenny was on her way home. Jenny was not very happy, but she really brought it upon herself.

And during the future challenges, Ben has been happy and he and Michelle have worked very well together. The following week, Michelle fought for her man, when Jesse and Ali broke the couple up. Michelle told Ali that she was not going to just sit back and let Ali have him.