Bachelorette Spoilers Rumors About Arie Luyendyk, Jr.



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Arie and Emily Enjoy Kissing!

Apparently Emily is not the only one who is getting negative publicity.  Arie’s has 1 or 2 ex-girlfriends and an  “insider”  on the bandwagon.  Both articles are in Star Magazine.
Cassie Harshman has stated that his good boy image is just an act.  She states he has had dates all over the world, and finding women is not a problem.  So, she feels he did not need any help finding someone.   Arie moved in with her  after they started dating in 2009.
She has this to say about him, “He wasn’t the best father figure to my children. Let’s just say that Aire has some growing up to do himself.”  (OK do you have any specifics lady?)
Cassie also states that Arie has not had a race since 2008 and he was hoping that show would give get him in the limelight.   Now Arie did tell Emily about this woman and that he had been close to the children.  He also stated that he missed them when he left the relationship. I wonder how much this lady was paid for her interview.  Why would anyone say such things unless they wanted to cause harm for someone else  because  they are jealous of what he has accomplished so far. And, he did it without them.
Then, on a positive note, Elizabeth Classen shared a  house with  Arie from 2007 to 2010.  OK, now we have a conflict with the dates.  How could he be in two places at once?  Elizabeth states, “He’s wonderful, a real sweetheart.  He was neat, organized and even cooked for me. We became great friends.”
And then, there is an “insider” claiming that Arie changed before doing  “The Bachelorette.”   He supposedly became a womanizer.  Reports have surfaced stating that he was “hooking up” with ladies in their 20’s and was even texting one of them,  while on the show. (Aren’t they supposed to have no contact outside the house?)  Maybe things have changed and they get to keep their phones.  The insider goes on to say that Arie may seem like a really nice guy but he is really immature. (Again I say, there are no examples here.)
Do I believe any of it?  Frankly, no.  He clearly did not make one or two women very happy in the relationship.  It is sour grapes.  I am sure he is not perfect but I like him and I like what I saw on bachelorette. If you are afraid to tell my who you are,  you have no credibility.