Bachelorette Spoilers Jef Holm Talks About Emily on Twitter

Jef and Emily on the Beach in Curacao


Jef and Emily Gaze Into Each Other’s Eyes

 Jef  Holm has been using Twitter to share some of his thoughts and his wonderful sense of humor.  While filming, contestants are not supposed to use social media.  But afterwards!     He does not tell us for sure if he wins Emily, but everyone tries to read between the lines.  He did tweet once that he likes Blonde hair, Southern Woman, and kids.   Hmmmm

 He has had interviews and has been asked questions on Twitter.   He tweeted that he knew he was in love with Emily in London, stating, “I fell head over heels for her.  I did not know girls like her existed until London. ”  He describes Emily as “the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.” 
Although England was a favorite for a date, his most memorable one was in Curacao when, “Emily was on the front of a paddle board while I paddle her around the most beautiful cove.   I could do that forever.”
And after The Men Tell All, one fan tweeted he did not want to say goodbye to Jef.   Jef came back with, “You don’t have to I have Twitter and Instagram.”
It all sounds promising and I can’t wait to see how this ends.