Jef Holm Shares His Thoughts On His Relationship with Emily Maynard and Fatherhood

Jef Holm Shares his Thoughts on a Relationship with Emily Maynard and Fatherhood

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm


Emily  Maynard and Jef Holm Cuddle

Since filming is over, Jef  has had numerous interviews with many different media sources.  Here are two topics he has shared his thoughts on.

In the beginning,  it seemed that Jef was taking things slowly, and I wondered sometimes if he was too slow.  He explains, “It is all about timing.”  When he finally kissed Emily, he felt,  “It was the most anticipated kiss and the best kiss of my life by far.”  Do you remember when that was?  It took place in England, on their one on one date.  I was sitting on the edge of my chair yelling, “Go for it Jef.”   My husband gave me a weird look.
He was not upset that others were kissing her earlier.  He knew it was worth waiting for.  After the kiss he states, “Our relationship blossomed from there.”
 When asked about being a dad,  he can’t  Jef can’t wait  to be a dad.  “I want to be the type of dad that is fun and hangs out with my kids and plays with them and we travel together.”  And if  it is with Emily,  he can see himself fitting into the role of being a father to Ricki and a husband to Emily pretty easily.
Jef  hopes he will not be an overbearing dad stating that if his daughter comes home with a boy for him to meet,  “He’s going to be waiting by the door with two skate boards.  We’ll go hang out together and skate and get to know each other instead of intimidating him with a shot gun.”  (Oh I love this guy).
Although he is young, he seems to have given fatherhood a great amount of thought.