Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Had Code Names During Their Seclusion!

Emily Loves Dolly Parton She Took Arie on a Date There But I bet She will Now take Jef!!


Jef, Emily, and Ricki Following the Proposal

Jef  Holm and Emily are making the rounds on the New York Television circuit.  Last night Jimmy Kimmel Live, and today, Live with Kelly Ripa.  During this interview they disclosed that they had code names to use while they were in seclusion.

 Emily’s name was Dolly for Dolly Parton and Jef’s was Dean for Dolly’s husband.  How cute is that?  Also, they had handlers who actually went out and brought them their food, shopped for them, etc.  They did not go out of the house.  The only exception was a place away from it all where they went and took Ricki with them.   Jef said that they had a blast fishing.
And, another reason people were not sure about what happened with Jef and Emily, is that Jef  told not  single soul that he was going to propose.  He said producers and others would ask him what he was going to do, but he said not a word.  And, if you will notice, we did not see the usual going to the jeweler to select a ring.  Kelly asked Emily if Arie had a ring for her, and of course Emily had no idea.  But from what  Arie  stated about expecting to propose, he probably did.

As usual, Emily and Jef  looked very happy!

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