Bachelorette Emily Has The Men Under Scrutiny Tonight & She & Her In-Laws Not Speaking

Emily’s Men in Kilts

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This week is going to be another episode with Fireworks, but not from the usual source. Emily will have two one on one dates. One with Ryan and one with Travis. Since last week, Emily is still upset over Kalon’s behavior. And frankly, she is wondering if all of the men still here are truly here for her.

Ryan seems to do well on his date and Emily gives him a rose. Travis will get his rose also. In the preview, we see Emily walking away before giving out the last rose. She is upset. And apparently, Emily did not give out a rose on the group date. The men will be performing Highland games on kilts and Emily will join them.

The scuttlebutt is that Emily will take one or two roses back that she already gave out. Two of the men do not show up the following week who should. Those being, we think, Ryan and Travis, we think.

And if that is not enough, Emily’s deceased fiance’s parents are very upset with Emily. According to some sources, they are not speaking to one another. Now, My Bible for news is People Magazine. It it’s in People, I believe it. I mean I don’t think Emily or her in-laws would tell the press. But, it looks like someone reported this. US Weekly reports that Emily still receives financial support for Ricki’s grandparents. They were not happy about her decision but they gave their support.

The parents are upset that Ricki is on the show. Before Emily agreed to do Bachelorette, she talked it over with the parents. What they don’t like is seeing Ricki in the spotlight. They are very private people. They do not want Ricki exploited.

Emily did have the first two episodes in her hometown to keep Ricki near. But afterwards, Ricki has traveled with her mom She has many loving people taking care of her when she is filming. I personally do not think Emily is exploiting her daughter. I understand why she would want to stay close to her. Would Ricki be happy being without her mom for 10 weeks? Absolutely not!!!!

We have seen Ricki and her mom together at their home, and playing on the sand in Bermuda. And I am certain that the audience is happy seeing the little girl too. She is adorable. At any rate, there are spies around who just love to “rock the boat.”

We now know that Emily is indeed engaged and appears happy. I am certain the grandparents and Emily can work this out, if not already.

Bachelorette Emily

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