Bachelorette Emily and Jef Holm Are Engaged Recap and What a Beautiful Show it Was!


Emily’s Final Rose to Give Out


The Happy Couple Emily and Jef Are Engaged


It was probably, in my mind at least,  was the most beautiful final rose ceremony I have ever seen.  In the beginning of the 3 hour program, Chris Harrison was live with an audience.  And, he offered that they must be sitting on the edge of their seats.  I know I was and I was at home.

As we start viewing, Emily is talking about how surprised her parents will be to find out that she is in love.  She says that she hopes they can give her some clarity as  to whom she should pick, as she is in love with both Arie and Jef.  Meanwhile, Jef is thinking that he is nervous to meet the parents.  But, he feels that once they see how  much the two of the are so in love, they will be happy for them.  Jef arrives with two beautiful bouquets of flowers, one for her mother and one for the sister-in-law.  He tells Emily, “There will be plenty of these for you afterwards.

Emily’s mom meets with Jef and asks how he feels about Ricki.   She cautions him about Ricki possibly being jealous of him.  Jef tells her that Ricki is important to him, just as much as Emily and she seems assured that he would do a good job of being a father as well as a husband.

Jef told her, “She completes everything I want in my life.”

Next to talk with Jef are Emily’s brother and father.  Both come away from their discussions feeling very good about Jef.  Jef asked the father for Emily’s hand in marriage and he said yes.  Jef is feeling great and tells us, “Now I feel we’ve made the appropriate steps and I need to meet Ricki.”

Jef and Emily share a few kisses and Emily tells him she will see him in a few days.

Now it is Arie’s turn and he is very hopeful that he will be proposing and Emily will accept.  He brings her family a box of dried roses, all the roses he received from Emily at the rose ceremonies.  Emily’s mom is very touched that he would share something so special with then.

As Arie talks with both mom and dad, he tells him about his relationship with a woman who had children and how he still misses them sometimes.  At the end of the visit, the parents comment that they thought they had their minds made up after meeting Jef.  But, they like Arie too.  Emily was hoping they would be able to help her make a choice, but it is not happening.  She feels confused and frustrated. 

Emily talks about not knowing if she wants to introduce Ricki to either of the men.  It is time for Jef’s date and he states, “Today is my last date and I feel complete with her.  I see everything I need to see.  I still need to meet Ricki.”

Emily and Jef meet and the subject of Ricki comes up.  Emily once again shares she is not sure if she wants to introduce Ricki to anyone.  Jef tells her that Ricki is the biggest part of her family.  He asks her to put herself in his  shoes and how would she feel not meeting the child.  (Good move Jef.)  Emily gets it and she takes Jef to meet her daughter. 

Ricki is swimming  and they  all three start a very natural conversation.  Finally Ricki invites Jef to swim with her and her mom.  They have a great time.  After he leaves,  Emily says,  “He has met all of my expectations.”

Later that night, Jef and Emily have a quiet date.  He brings her a book to remind her of their journey together.  As he leaves, I am fairly certain Jef will be the one.

Arie is getting ready to meet Emily and says,  “I can see in her eyes that she loves me. I’m more than happy to get down on my knees and ask her to marry me.  I know it is long overdue.  I can’t wait until she tells me how she feels.”

Emily asks Arie to sit down so they can talk.  She starts crying.  She tells Arie, “You know how I felt about you from our very first date and beyond.  I felt it was going to be you and then…”Arie says, “You don’t have to say anything else.”  Emily, “I’m sorry. I thought it would be you.”

Arie, “I’m shocked that I completely thought we had something.”

Emily, “I have more confidence with Jef”

Arie gives her a kiss, “I’ll go. There’s nothing to say.  Thank you for sparing me the embarrassment tomorrow. “

Emily cries and he drives away.

In the limo Arie stated, “I’m crushed.  I feel stupid, naive.  I had that dream for us.  I’m a loving person and I deserve the best.  She always made me feel secure and I still feel she is the love of my life.  I can’t believe this is it.”

When we go back to Chris Harrison and the audience,  there is a very somber mood.  No one can help but feel sad for Arie, even if he was not the one we hoped Emily would choose.

Chris talks to several former bachelors and bachelorettes and they share their opinions of what took place.

The Final Rose Ceremony

Jef walks up to meet Emily and she says, “Hi honey.”  Have you noticed that she has been using this term the last several weeks, and only with him.

She tells him, “This has been a long road and at last it is over.  You are my soul mate.  I love you so much.  You are the only one here.  Arie is not here.  This is our special day.”  She lets him know that she did not keep her date with Arie yesterday.

Jef:  Tells her he loves her and that he believes that, “God puts the right person in your life at the right time.” He feels it is fate, they are meant to be together. 

Jef:  “If you let me into your life, I promise you, you will never be lonely.  What I am about to ask you are not empty words.”

He gets down on one knee and asks Emily to marry him.  It takes about 10 seconds for her to answer and I am holding my breath.

Emily:  “Yes.”

Kisses and hugs and more kisses and hugs.

And then, the thing that really made me cry was seeing Ricki come through a gate walking towards them.  They met her and all walked away together, holding hands.  (Bring out the kleenex.)

 The After the Final Rose is a Separate Recap




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