Bachelorette Courtney Robertson had Some Spoiler Information about Final Locations and Decided to Stay to Finish The Bachelor 16

If you watched Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor season, you will remember that Courtney had some difficult times. She really ticked off most of the ladies and apparently, she was having thoughts of leaving early. She recently tweeted about that and shared that since she was so down, the producers allowed her to call her sister for support.

Courtney Robertson, Lindzi Cox, Ben Flajnik at the Matterhorn Switzerland for the Final Rose Ceremony

Her sister passed on the spoilers about the next four locations. Who would not want to experience Switzerland? Courtney changed her attitude and decided to stay. Oh, I can think of a totally different ending had she left. So the question is, should she have been allowed to make the phone call? And even if she was allowed, should ABC have cautioned the sister about spoilers? Of course the spoilers were out there before the show ended. Something to think about!!