Bachelorette Contestant Sean Lowe Appears to Be Getting his Life Back to Normal

Emily and Sean Kissing. Sean Had Expected to Propose to Emily Before he was Sent Home


Sean Enjoying Life Again as he Works Out


 Sean Lowe was devastated when Emily sent him home but he is enjoying life again.  And we are all waiting with anticipation that he might be the next Bachelor.  But no word yet.  And no word if Roberto Martinez is really out of it.  He has hooked up with a new lady and may not want to leave her.

Early after Sean went home, he really just could not see himself doing the Bachelor so soon.   Sean is back in Dallas and working at State Farm.   He spends time with his niece and nephew, whom we saw during his home town date.   He is also working out, maintaining that nice physique.
And from his Twitter account, we have learned that he went to Los Angeles and stopped at a farmer’s market.  Sounds like  he is gradually getting back to normal.

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