Bachelorette Contestant Doug Clerget Did not Get the Girl, But his Heart is Helping Many with a New Charity

Did you know?  For less than a cup of coffee, you can help end deforestation.


Doug met Emily Maynard on the Bachelorette

Although Doug Clerget did not win Emily Maynard’s heart, he is very passionate about something.  He has created, with someone else, a web site which is called  The purpose is to turn small donations into big social change.  Clerget says that his website is already  raising $40,000 a month.  The web site has helped Doctors Without Borders, The Wildlife Conservation Network, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Doug hopes to raise much more.  
Members vote on three charities each month to donate to.
His goals are lofty, but obtainable.  I am amazed at what he is doing.  To find out more check out the whole story at  But please, check out his website.    Like Jef  Holm he is interested in helping others.
I am so glad Doug is doing well.  He is a great guy and father, and  he is selfless.  If you recall, he brought a letter from his son to Emily.  It was very touching. 

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