Bachelor17 Spoiler Sean Lowe Gave out More than 1 First Impression Rose Monday Night



Sean Lowe Bachelor 17

  It looks like things are getting changed somewhat this season.  From the beginning of the cocktail party, Sean was allowed to give out as many roses as he wished.  When it was time for the rose ceremony, he had already given out more than 10.  So, only 7 or 8 women received roses at the ceremony. 

 It must have been a bit of a shock to everyone, as that is not usually how it goes.  Actually it make sense to me because if you are talking to someone and you really get a great feeling about them, why wait?  And it surely makes the actual rose ceremony much shorter.  Kacie Boguskie was the 26th woman this year.  She was added to the mix later than  most.  She did  get a rose!!!! Yeah!!!!  Keep on going Kacie. 

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