Bachelor Pad’s Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Had Romantic Moments Last Night & They Are Engaged!


Blakeley and Tony Camper Date Last Week That Led to a Closer Relationship


Blakeley Shea Jones and Tony Pieper Engaged Bachelor Pad 3


The Kiss Last Weekend Between Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Jones



Tony and Blakeley did not do well on the spelling bee challenge, but that did not keep them from enjoying each other’s company.  When they did not win a one on one date, Tony provided a romantic environment for her.

He took her to a spot outside in the mansion yard and he had candles lit, wine, and a comfy place to recline.  Tony really sees something special in Blakeley. He is always referring to her inner beauty.

Tony states that she is the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and he thinks about her most of the day.  Blakeley explains to him that she has always had trust issues with men.  They never fail to disappoint her. (She has been picking the wrong men.)

Blakely goes on to say that Tony is her knight in shining armor, he  stood by her and he has stood up for her.  They both talk about wanting to continue their relationship after the show and agree to do that.  Blakeley truly has a softer side when she is with Tony.  She is not bossy with him either.  It is a much calmer relationship than she has ever had.

We know that they spent a weekend together not too long ago.  We also know that Blakeley has spoken to Tony’s son on the phone.   Tony had previously stated that he wanted to propose to Blakeley on the Bachelor Pad finale.   And, he did.

When Blakeley was on the “Hot” seat, he proposed.  Sounds like perfect timing to me.  And, she accepted.    They may not have won the money, but they have each other’s heart.   I hope it works out for them.  Even as you read this, she is getting  to move to Portland.

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