Bachelor Pad’s Sarah Newlon Was Once Involved with Reid Rosenthal


Sarah Newlon Bachelor Pad 3


Sarah Newlon Looking Good Bachelor Pad 3

 Sarah  Newlon is 28 years old and is a bar manager.   She lives in St. Louis, Missouri.   According to ABC, she is not looking for 15 min. of fame.  Rather, she really would like to hang out with hot single men.  She is a friend of Erica Rose and she knows you have to do whatever it takes to win.  Although this is not her style, she feels she can do it.  Sarah was also on Bachelor 11.

 She was once involved with Reid Rosenthal, but I guess it did not last too long.    It should be interesting to see if there are any problems between them.   But after watching last night, they seem to have a friendly relationship with no hidden agenda.  And Sarah appears to be a very nice young lady,  one who will not cause extreme drama.