Bachelor Pad’s Reid Rosenthal Once Proposed to Jillian Harris but Was Rejected


Reid Rosenthal and Miss USA 2006



Reid Rosethal and Jillian Harris After Reid Went Back to Propose Just
Before Ed did.

If you watched Jillian Harris as the  “Bachelorette”, you will remember Reid Rosenthal.  He fell very hard for Jillian, but did not make it to the end.  He made it to third place.  What he is most remembered for is the fact that he flew back to Jillian,  just before the final rose ceremony.  He had a ring and he asked Chris Harrison if he could speak with Jillian.   

  Jillian agreed to see him and he knelt down and proposed.  He was rejected all over again.  But at least he gave it a shot.  I admire him.  He would always have wondered what would have happened if he had not taken that chance.  Pretty gutsy, if you ask me.
Of  his experience he reportedly stated, “I thought I was the best guy for her.  I knew I wanted to spend tomorrow with her.  I was not 100% sure we’d get married in six months or a year, if she said yes.  (So why propose?)  But I thought our relationship was 15 times better than the other two guys
When I saw her at the After the  Final Rose, feelings came back.  But everything happens for a reason.   He stated, ” That’s the way I think in life and just knowing that makes everything easier.”
After the show,  when he traveled, women could come up to him and told him how sorry they were.  Since then, he  has  been in a few relationships, but none of them have become permanent. I believe he even dated a Miss USA for a time. 
As for his personal life, he is a 33-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, and his business is thriving.  He is not sure if he wants money or a relationship, but he is hoping to find out on this season of the Bachelor Pad.

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